ASAP Rocky Pleads Not Guilty In Sweden

Refunds issued for wedding Live Stream… Ariana Grande got blasted… Nicki Minaj at the courthouse… Katy Perry charged… and ASAP Rocky pleads not guilty in Sweden

Over the weekend, YouTube stars Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau got married in Vegas. Based upon what they said on their MTV show, it was all fake and, ultimately, a money grab. Over 66,000 people paid anywhere from $50-$75 to watch the 10-minute livestream of the wedding on this streaming app called Halogen. No doubt Jake and Tana made a lucrative deal for them to carry it, but the problem was, it was AWFUL. Viewers complained that the video was shaky…it lagged…the picture kept freezing…the audio was bad. In response to the complaints, both Apple and Google Play are paying back the customers who bought the Halogen app through their app stores and bought the live stream. And, PS, after they got kicked out of the wedding reception early, Jake went to a strip club with his buddies. We don’t know where Tana went, but she left in an Uber. And yesterday, Tana tweeted that Jake was going on their European honeymoon without her because she had to stay behind for a “family emergency.” She said she’ll meet him there the second she can.

Over the weekend, Ariana Grande got blasted for making a joke about JonBenét Ramsey. Back in 1996, JonBenét was only 6 years old when she was murdered. The case remains unsolved. One of Ariana’s friends posted a picture of a tabloid with JonBenét on the cover and captioned it, “No one has done more covers.” Ariana commented, “I can’t WAIT for this to be your Halloween look.” Oh no……..Someone took a screenshot of it and commented, “Wait WHAT?? An 8-year-old girl who was violently killed, strangled and suffocated cannot be anyone’s costume…” Ariana responded, “…yeah no i deleted it very quickly and understand that it’s not at all funny. this was out of pocket and i sincerely apologize.” She tried to explain further in another since-deleted tweet, “Sorry I’m so f-&%$-Ed up. Dark jokes are a coping mechanism for me and yet I hate when other people make them. Thanks y’all for being real & always helping me learn. I’m happy I have a fanbase who’s not afraid to call me out on my s&#%). Love you.”

Back in June, Nicki Minaj said she and Kenneth Petty had already gotten their marriage license. But TMZ has learned that Nicki and Kenneth — who goes by “Zoo” — went to the Beverly Hills Courthouse yesterday to get a marriage license. People saw them waiting in line at the window that said, “Marriage Licenses and Ceremony Appt. ONLY.” Nicki was trying to hide underneath a baseball cap, but sources said her knee-length bright red hair gave her away. Maybe the old license expired? Typically, a marriage license is only good for 90 days.

Everything has been going Katy Perry’s way! Orlando Bloom proposed…She and Taylor Swift made amends…but all that good mojo came to a screeching halt in court yesterday when a nine-member federal jury UNANIMOUSLY decided that her 2013 song “Dark Horse” ripped off a 2009 Christian rap song called “Joyful Noise.” Both Katy and her producer Dr. Luke testified that they’d never heard “Joyful Noise” before they were slapped with the lawsuit in 2014. However, the jury sided with the Christian rappers and said “Dark Horse” stole a 16-second musical riff. The songwriters sued for unspecified damages, and now a jury will decide how much Katy and her co-defendants have to cough up.

A$AP Rocky’s trial in Sweden began this morning. He faces up to two years in prison if he’s found guilty of an assault charge. A$AP claims he acted in self-defense. The prosecutor provided more than 500 pages of court documents they say prove that A$AP and two others beat and kicked their alleged victim while he was on the ground and that the victim was hit by parts of or a whole bottle. The prosecutor also claimed that the video A$AP posted of this encounter was edited to remove the moment when his security guard grabbed the victim by the neck and lifted him off the ground. The trial is expected to wrap up on Friday.

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