Ashley Olsen‘s struggle with Lyme disease

Tensions between the Royals and the Middletons… Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak offered $7.5 million… Will Beyonce move to New Orleans?… David Letterman’s after-party… and Ashley Olsen‘s struggle with Lyme disease

According to Royal sources, tensions are brewing between the Royal Family and the Middletons. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles stood by as Kate allowed her parents to spend more time with her first-born son, George. But they were hoping that things might change with baby #2. Kate tried to appease the Queen by bringing Princess Charlotte to Kensington Palace when she checked out of the hospital. But when the Queen came to meet the baby, Kate’s mother was there — and worse! — she was holding the baby! Then Kate packed up everyone and headed to the Middletons’ country estate, which is where the new princess will spend her first few months of her life.

Random House reportedly will pay Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak $7.5 million to write a book about their complicated on-and-of romance which took place during the years they co-starred together on “The Office.”

Does Beyonce want to make New Orleans her new home? Beyonce reportedly bought an old church in the Garden District. A local realtor says she believes she’ll completely renovate the property. Before Beyonce allegedly bought it, it was owned by a couple who got married there and lived at the property for 20 years, but they never did any of the major renovations that were needed.

After taping his final show, there was a limo decoy waiting outside the studio while David Letterman quietly sneaked out through the nearby Angelo’s Pizza. Then he simply walked over to the Museum of Modern Art for the after-party. A lot of celebrities who were on the final show headed over, including Steve Martin, whose wife invited a couple of Marines in town for Fleet Week to join the party. They had a GREAT time enjoying all that free vodka. But apparently, Dave only stayed at the party for a little bit and then went home. is reporting that Ashley Olsen‘s struggle with Lyme disease has taken a turn for the worse. Lyme disease is spread through ticks and Ashley reportedly contracted the disease several years ago and it’s incurable. A source says Ashley is suffering from very low energy and she’s in a lot of pain so she’s cranky all the time. It’s so bad, she’s reportedly had to take a step back from her business and spend most of her time resting.


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