Avril Lavigne & Tyga Seen Hugging After Dinner

King Charles III’s coronation update… Kendall Jenner & Bad Bunny reports… Clara Chía & Piqué kicked out … Jennifer Aniston & Harry Styles may start dating… and Avril Lavigne & Tyga seen hugging

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King Charles’ coronation is set for May 6. Sources say Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be invited, but their attendance is still up in the air. Harry knows skipping the coronation would be a huge snub, but sources say he’s worried about how the British public would react to him and Meghan being there. Meantime, the show must go on! A concert will be held the day after his coronation, and King Charles has turned in his list of performers he would love to see. So far Paul McCartney, Lionel Ritchie, and the Spice Girls — minus Posh Spice — have all said yes. However, two other singers — besides Victoria Beckham — have RSVP’d no. Ed Sheeran has a concert at the Dallas Cowboys stadium the day before the coronation concert. While technically he could take a private jet to get there and he doesn’t have another tour date until the following weekend in Houston, Ed decided it wasn’t worth the hassle. Adele also passed. She has nothing on her calendar but I’m sure she has a great excuse.

We don’t know how serious things are between Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny. According to DeuxMoi, the two of them were spotted making out in a club and even though they left separately, it was within two minutes of each other. Then on Saturday, Kendall and Bad Bunny had dinner together at a restaurant in Beverly Hills. They left from separate exits and photographers couldn’t grab a photo. But whatever is or isn’t going on is too much for Devin Booker to handle. He has unfollowed his off-again girlfriend on Instagram, and it looks like Devin has unfollowed her BFF Hailey Bieber, too.

According to “Marca Magazine” Gerard Pique and his girlfriend Clara Chia Marti were kicked out of a Japanese restaurant in Barcelona because the owner is a huge fan of Shakira and refused to serve them! Sources told the magazine that Clara appeared to be upset and embarrassed as the owner personally escorted the couple out. There’s a TikTok video of Gerard and Clara getting into their car at valet, supposedly after this incident happened.

Sources say Jennifer Aniston and Harry Styles have been exchanging some flirty texts for the past month. Jennifer was in the audience when Harry split his pants onstage. Afterward, he said it was even more embarrassing because he used to have a huge crush on Jennifer. Sources say she reached out to him after that and they’ve been texting ever since. Jennifer is 54 and Harry is 29, but sources told the “Mirror UK” that Jennifer jokes around with her friends about hooking up with Harry, and may actually be toying with the idea! Meantime, the relationship between 24-year-old Shawn Mendes and his 51-year-old chiropractor Dr. Jocelyne Miranda seems to be progressing. They were first spotted on a lunch date last summer. Since then, they’ve been to the grocery store together…Shawn told Jocelyne to a Grammys afterparty…she was photographed visiting him at his house….and yesterday, the two of them took a nice long hike together, happily chatting and smiling for the paparazzi.

In March of last year, Mod Sun proposed to Avril Lavigne during a romantic trip to Paris. On Monday, Avril was spotted hugging Tyga outside Nobu in Malibu, and the next day her rep released a statement that Avril and Mod Sun are no longer engaged. However, Mod’s rep told Page Six that he and Avril “were together and engaged as of three days ago when he left for tour, so if anything has changed, that’s news to him.” But a source told “People” that Avril and Mod Sun have been on and off for the past couple months, but the engagement is definitely off. The source said, “There was absolutely no third party involved in the split.” And as far as that hug with Tyga, the source said he and Avril and strictly friends.


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