Woody Harrelson signed deal to replace Statham… Amber Heard’s former assistant testifies… Brad Pitt is coming to HGTV… Prince Harry falls victim to hoax… and Bachelor Peter Weber proposes

I told you last week that Jason Statham dropped out of the lead role in “The Man from Toronto” because he wanted it to be a hard R and the studio was going with a PG-13. In the movie, Kevin Hart plays this bumbling guy who’s mistaken for an assassin, who would’ve been played by Jason. But after Jason dropped out, studio executives were worried Kevin wouldn’t stay attached to the project unless they found the perfect replacement. Well! They found him! The Wrap is reporting that Woody Harrelson has signed on and Kevin is happy with that choice. Production is expected to begin on schedule in five weeks, but we’ll see if the Coronavirus has something to say about that.

Johnny Depp is suing Amber Heard for $50M for defamation after she wrote a newspaper article claiming he abused her during their marriage. Now Amber’s former personal assistant is going to testify, and she’s Team Johnny. Kate James worked for Amber for 3 years and said it was a nightmare. She started in 2012, right after Amber started dating Johnny. In a declaration obtained by The Blast, Kate said, “At first, Amber didn’t tell me who Johnny was, and would speak in disparaging terms about him. She would say that she was ‘dating this old man’ and suchlike. She then disclosed that it was Johnny Depp, and I met him shortly after that. My first impression of him was how softly spoken and peaceful he was, almost a bit shy. He was very pleasant and courteous upon meeting me.” She also claims that Amber regularly verbally and mentally abused her, and that “she would fly into blind rages where no-one could reason with her.” She said Amber openly talked about using mushrooms and MDMA “to the point of bragging” and that she would ofter wake up to “a barrage of incoherent abuse sent to me from Amber by text between around 2am and 4am.” Kate later discovered that Amber had deleted all evidence of those abusive texts from that iCloud account.”

Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott have a new show called “Celebrity IOU.” In each episode, the brothers will help A-list celebrities do surprise renovations for a friend, a family member, or a mentor who’s made an impact on their lives. The celebrities taking part include Brad Pitt, Melissa McCarthy, Viola Davis, Jeremy Renner, Rebel Wilson, and Michael Bublé. “Celebrity IOU” debuts April 13 on HGTV.

Prince Harry thought he was speaking to Greta Thunberg and her dad, but it was actually a couple of Russian YouTube stars who dupe celebrities with prank phone calls. These guys called Harry on the landline at his home on Vancouver Island TWICE, and got him to talk about life post-Megxit. These calls are believed to have been recorded on New Year’s Eve and on January 22. During the calls, Harry talked about being more normal than his family would like to believe and said that he chose to withdraw from the Royal family to protect his son. He also talked about climate change, saying Donald Trump has blood on his hands. The pranksters have animated their conversations with Harry and they’re now posted on YouTube.

SPOILER ALERT!! Peter the Pilot chose Hannah Ann because she was the last woman standing. But after going back to real life, he realized he couldn’t stop pining over Madison. Hannah and Peter ended their engagement, Chris Harrison (aka The Liar) flew back to Alabama to see if she was still interested in Peter, Madison flew back to LA to take her second shot at love, and the rest played out on live TV. The night belonged to Peter’s mother, Barbara, who clapped as Hannah Ann called out her baby boy for the way he handled the whole situation. Then we watched Barbara roll her eyes as Madison came out and then gasped as Barbara called Madison out for her rude behavior. Barbara didn’t worry one bit about how the public would react to her true feelings, as she said Peter was making the wrong choice and had to fail to succeed. Madison bit her tongue as much as possible, but her body language said it all. She was LIVID. For now, Peter and Madison are not engaged. They’re going to take their relationship “one day at a time.” And by the way, Madison uses Maybelline New York Lash Stiletto Ultimate Length Waterproof Mascara, just in case you were wondering.

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