BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend Concert Steps Up Security

SPOILER ALERTS… Tom Cruise says there will be a sequel to Top Gun… Orlando Bloom’s fling update… Drama on The Voice… and BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend concert steps up security

SPOILER ALERTS! Nobody was more shocked that Normani Kordei didn’t win Dancing With the Stars than Normani Kordei. In fact, she finished THIRD!! But she told Entertainment Tonight, “You’re never really guaranteed…It was quite a shocker for me as well, but I’ve gained so much from this experience.” But still, she’s happy for Rashad Jennings, who took home the mirror ball trophy. And over on The Voice, congratulations to Chris Blue of Team Alicia, for being the season 12 champion.

This Season’s winner is announced on the Dancing with the Stars’ Season 24 Finale!

Chris Blue and Lauren Duski learn which one of them has been named the new Voice champion.

Tom Cruise says it’s true! A sequel to his 1986 hit movie Top Gun is definitely happening! While promoting his new movie, The Mummy, Tom broke the big news to an Australian morning show, saying filming will probably start next year. And yes, he will be playing an older Pete “Maverick” Mitchell. But who else will be coming back? Goose is dead, right? So no Anthony Edwards. But Meg Ryan played Goose’s wife, so she might be back. Val Kilmer played Iceman and he was asked last year if he would ever come back for a Top Gun sequel and he said, “Hell yes!” In fact, he said it would be a “hoot.” And Kelly McGillis played Maverick’s girlfriend, Charlie. Do you think Maverick moved on from her, though? Their oon-screen chemistry was awful…

So a hotel bartender in London was fired after her manager found out she’d served drinks to Orlando Bloom and then served him dessert in his hotel room afterward. Her name is Viviana Ross. She’s 21. And she’s super hot. Orlando found out about her getting fired, reportedly called the bar and asked for her phone number because, shockingly, he didn’t get it after their one night stand, and then called her to apologize for getting her fired and to make sure she’s okay. Well, Viviana is more than okay because her acting career has now officially been launched! Yes, it turns out Viviana wasn’t just a bartender, she had dreams of being an actress. She actually moved to London from Romania hoping she’d have a better shot at making her dream come true. And next thing she knows, she’s sleeping with Orlando Bloom and her phone is ringing off the hook! is reporting that drama is brewing behind the scenes of The Voice. After it was announced that both Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Clarkson were announced as new judges on The Voice, both women wanted it made abundantly clear that they are NOT appearing on the same season. According to a source on set, the women can’t stand each other! In fact, the source says Kelly was blindsided when she found out Jennifer was cast because nobody told her about it.

Even though emotions are still very high from the bombing outside Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester, England, Monday night, BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend concert will still take place this Saturday and Sunday. All scheduled artists, including Katy Perry, Lorde, Lana Del Ray, Imagine Dragons, Shawn Mendes and The Chainsmokers, are honoring their commitments to take the stage. With more than 50K expected to attend, security is going to be ramped up in a major way.


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