‘Below Deck’ Star Gary King Accused of Sexual Misconduct

‘The Idol’ finished… Taylor Swift fans speak out… Hannah Brown gets engaged… Katy Perry fighting in court… and ‘Below Deck’ star Gary King accused of sexual misconduct

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It should come as no surprise that it’s one and done for “The Idol.” It was a mess from the start. Reportedly 80 percent of the series was filmed before the whole thing was scrapped and the director quit. So one of the show’s creators — Sam Levinson of “Euphoria” fame — took over as director and did most of the writing for the new script. On top of that, his fellow co-creator and star The Weeknd reportedly was a nightmare to work with. And then when it finally aired, critics hated it. Rolling Stone called the series “torture porn” and British GQ said it contained “the worst sex scene in history,” and that’s saying a lot. Fans didn’t care for it, either. In fact, everyone pretty much down-right hated it, and not in that “love to hate it” kind of way. However, at the end of Season 1, HBO didn’t come right out and say there would be no Season 2. But now, they’ve said it. In the official statement, HBO said, “After much thought and consideration, HBO, as well as the creators and producers have decided not to move forward with a second season. We’re grateful to the creators, cast, and crew for their incredible work.

Is Taylor Swift exploiting her fans? Some Swifties feel like she only wants them for their money. They feel like Taylor keeps marketing these limited edition vinyls to not only make sure she dominates the charts, but to inflate her sales. Case in point: Taylor announced the re-release of “1989” would be available in Crystal Skies Blue, and fans rushed to pre-order. But then, she surprise-dropped a second vinyl in Sunrise Boulevard Yellow, which also featured a different album cover. Taylor hopped on social media to warn fans that the yellow album would only be available for 48 hours, so hurry and get yours! But then, she turned around and dropped the Aquamarine Green Edition and its completely different cover. The albums were listed on Taylor’s website store for $31.89 each, not including shipping costs, but fans couldn’t order multiple versions together. All this is leaving a bad taste in a few mouths…but other Swifties, aka Ana, will defend her till the death.

We first met her on Colton Underwood’s season of “The Bachelor.” She went on to become “The Bachelorette” and passed on Tyler C to get engaged to Jed Wyatt. That failed epically. During Covid quarantine, Hannah bunked with Tyler C, building her TikTok following and getting fans’ hopes up that those two crazy kids would finally hook up. It didn’t happen. Hannah finally started swiping on a dating app, matched with model and banking sales professional Adam Woolard. And now, after two years of dating, Adam proposed! He chose a ring featuring three round brilliant-cut diamonds to represent their past, present and future.

Since 2009, Katy Perry has been fighting Katie Perry over her name. Katie is an Australian woman who owns a small clothing business in her home country. In 2007 she trademarked her name as her brand. Katy Perry had a problem with that, so her lawyers fired off a letter demanding that Katie immediately stop trading under that name, withdraw all of her clothes with that branding, and sign a legal document swearing she would never use the name Katie Perry again. Katie fought back and the Australian Federal Court sided with her. But American Katy won’t let it go, and she just filed an appeal. Katy and Katie will face off in court later this year. By the way, Katy Perry isn’t her real name. Her real name is Kate Hudson, but she had to change it professionally because the actress Kate Hudson got famous first.

More scandal in the “Below Deck” franchise. On a recent episode of “Below Deck Down Under,” the crew went ashore for a day of heavy drinking and when they got back on the boat, a drunk and naked Luke crawled into bed naked with a drunk and passed-out Margot. The filming crew dragged him out of there and Luke was fired. His fellow crew member Laura also got fired for taking Luke’s side and putting part of the blame on Margot. Now another “Below Deck” crew member has been accused of sexual misconduct. Last summer, Samantha Suarez worked behind the scenes on Season 4 of “Below Deck Sailing Yacht.” Part of her job was helping the production’s talent manager with day-to-day tasks. On the day of the alleged incident, the crew had just finished filming confessionals when Samantha said she was tasked with escorting drunk crew member Gary King back to his hotel room. She told Rolling Stone that when she got him to his room, Gary “came up behind her, grabbed her, pressed her against his body, and refused to let go of her even though she says she tried to kick and elbow him to get him off her.” Samantha said she was able to get away when she got a phone call from her boss and Gary allowed her to leave the room to answer the call in the hallway.


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