Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are living separate lives

Kris Jenner’s trademark… Kim Richards’ sober coach quit… Drama between Chris Brown and Karreuche Tran… Katy Perry and John Mayer are officially back on… and Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are living separate lives

Kris Jenner confirmed to “People” magazine that she has just filed the legal paperwork to trademark the word “momager.” If this filing is granted, Kris would have the right to sue anyone who uses the term without her permission.

With her sober coach by her side, Kim Richards left rehab to head to Cabo for her daughter Brooke’s dream wedding to Fatburger heir, Thayer Wiederhorn. Sources say that even though no one SAW Kim drink at the wedding, something was going on because right after the ceremony, she became very belligerent with the groom’s parents. In fact, it was so bad that Kim’s sober coach quit on the spot and flew back to the US without her! And from what we hear, Brooke isn’t speaking to her mother.

Chris Brown flew off the handle when he saw pictures of his ex-girlfriend, Karreuche Tran, with Tyson Beckford. But now Chris is apologizing, tweeting, “I’m light skin! I’m always in my feelings.” He later tweeted, “I can be a real one and say that I was wrong for even pressing an issue…I can be a man about it.” Chris extended another apology to Tyson’s baby mama, who was also took the brunt of his anger. He wrote, “I want to truly apologize to @aprilroomet & her son Jordan I was caught up in the moment & wasn’t thinking right.”

It looks like Katy Perry and John Mayer are officially back on. Fans were posting pictures of the two of them trying to be all incognito at Disneyland. Well, she was trying to hide beneath a hoodie. John was all about letting everybody see his face. John and Katy haven’t confirmed they’re officially a couple again, but they have been spotted out together several times in the past few months.

Sources told Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner that divorce is imminent. In fact, this source says that Ben told Jen he wants the official statement to come out before their 10th wedding anniversary on June 29.


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