Ben Affleck Spotted Buying Alcohol With Girlfriend Lindsay Shookus

Katy Perry is giving away free tickets… R. Kelly has canceled shows… Macklemore hit by a drunk driver… Kim Kardashian named in a lawsuit… and Ben Affleck spotted buying alcohol with girlfriend Lindsay Shookus

Katy Perry is giving away free tickets to her Witness tour to kids who donate to their local Boys & Girls Club. Fans who sign up on Global Citizen’s website and donate supplies to the club are entered to win tickets. But if you actually show up to a club to volunteer, you’re entered to win a pair of VIP tickets and a meet-and-greet with Katy. Katy said, “I’m a firm believer that actions speak louder than tweets.”

After saying rumors about him keeping young women in a sex cult are “a bunch of crap” and promising that the show would go on, R. Kelly has canceled four of his upcoming 10 tour dates. So if you planned on seeing him in LA, New Orleans, Baton Rouge or Dallas, sorry ‘boutcha! But apparently, tickets just weren’t selling. At his most recent show in Virginia Beach, only about half the seats were filled and fans were ticked when he only played for 45 minutes. Meantime, R. Kelly reportedly has hired a crisis manager to do some damage control on these cult accusations.

Macklemore was driving along in his Mercedes Friday night when he was hit head-on by a drunk driver in a pickup truck. Macklemore had a couple people in his Benz with him. One was treated for a minor cut to the head but all three walked away relatively unscathed, which is truly a miracle. The driver of the pickup wasn’t wearing a seatbelt and ended up smashing his head in the windshield, which knocked him out cold. He woke up when officers arrived, and when they asked him how much he’d had to drink, he answered, “5 o’clock.” Yeah. He was taken to the hospital for treatment but he will be charged with DUI.

Kim Kardashian has been named in this $100 million copyright infringement lawsuit over a line of LuMee selfie cases that she endorses. Hooshmand Harooni says the LuMee light-up phone cases are a direct ripoff of his Snap Light cases, which he invented and for which he holds the patent. Even though Mr. Harooni says his product is superior, there’s no way he can compete with something endorsed by Kim. But Kim’s rep says she’s done nothing wrong and this is “just another attempted shakedown.”

Ben Affleck’s friend told People magazine that he’s just taking a little time off and enjoying what’s left of the summer after he wrapped filming on “Justice League.” But many are worried that Ben has fallen off the wagon after he and his girlfriend Lindsay Shookus were seen buying several bottles of alcohol at a liquor store in Maine two days in a row. And reportedly, Ben was looking very disheveled.


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