Beyoncé & Britney Spears Collaboration Falls Through

Rob Gronkowski will attempt field goal… Logan Paul’s reaction to pig rescue… Gwen Stefani’s “I’m Japanese” comments… Jerrod Carmichael’s jokes… and Beyoncé asked Britney Spears to appear in a music video

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Rob Gronkowski did not join Tom Brady when he came back out of retirement, but he will be back on the field on Super Bowl Sunday. Anybody who places a Super Bowl bet of $5 or more on FanDuel will win a share of $10M in free bets if Gronk can kick a field goal. They’re calling it the “Kick of Destiny.” Gronk will take a shot at kicking it through the goal posts in a live :30 commercial the online betting company bought. By the way, the executive VP of sales at Fox Sports said :30 Super Bowl ads this year are going for $7M. Gronk told the AP, “Obviously, I can catch a football…Why not try to kick a field goal? And on top of it, I was punt, pass and kick champion in the western New York region when I was growing up, as well. So I love kicking field goals. I used to practice all the time.”But how many field goals as Gronk actually kicked? One. He kicked a 33-yarder in high school.

The Gentle Barn animal sanctuary in Santa Clarita, CA, posted a TikTok about rescuing a pig found alone in a field next to a dead pig. The surviving pig had tattered ears and a potentially-life threatening infection. It’s just a sad, sad situation. Well, it turns out, the surviving pig is Pearl the Pig and she once belonged to Logan Paul! When Logan moved to Puerto Rico in 2020, he found a new home for Pearl. But after a few months, Pearl was re-homed again. Gentle Barn is showing Pearl a lot of love and nursing her back to health. Logan saw the story and sent Gentle Barn an email saying he was shocked and heartbroken to hear about Pearl and offered to help pay for her care.

Back in 2004 Gwen Stefani hired four backup dancers who followed her everywhere. She called them the Harajuku Girls. Gwen even partnered with Target to create a Harajuku Girls line of children’s clothing and Emma Kelly had the cutest little red plaid skirt, jacket and headband. Anyway…What was once acceptable a decade or two ago is now considered cultural appropriation. But in a new interview with “Allure,” Gwen said she still doesn’t see her Harajuku Girls era as a bad thing. Growing up, Gwen’s father worked for Yamaha, which had him traveling between California and Japan for 18 years. Gwen said when she first visited Japan, she had a revelation. She said, “My God, I’m Japanese and I didn’t know it. I am, you know.” Throughout the interview, the writer said Gwen referred to herself as Japanese and said she’s a “super fan” of the culture. She said, “If (people) are going to criticize me for being a fan of something beautiful and sharing that, then I just think that doesn’t feel right. I think it was a beautiful time of creativity.” Gwen believes it should be okay to be inspired by other cultures “because if we’re not allowed, then that’s dividing people, right?” The woman conducting the interview is Asian. After the interview, she said, “I don’t believe Stefani was trying to be malicious or hurtful in making these statements. But words don’t have to be hostile in their intent in order to potentially cause harm.”

Jerrod Carmichael hosted last night’s Golden Globes, which wasn’t televised last year because of its lack of diversity. In his opening monologue, Jerrod said he knew the only reason he was asked to host is because he’s black. Throughout the night, he created a lot of uncomfortable moments when he made jokes about Tom Cruise and missing Scientologist Shelly Miscavige, questioning whether the crab in “The Little Mermaid” was racist, and then blaming the their host hotel for killing Whitney Houston. Besides that, a lot of people are talking about Austin Butler going full Elvis while accepting the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Motion Picture (Drama).

Beyonce released her “Renaissance” album back in July, but she still hasn’t released any music videos to go with it. That doesn’t mean she hasn’t tried! According to Page Six, Beyonce reached out to see if Britney Spears would appear in a music video! We don’t know for what song but for whatever reason, it didn’t work out. Meantime, Britney’s former fiance Jason Trawick was a recent guest on Kevin Connolly’s podcast and the subject of Britney’s conservatorship came up. Jason said, “Listen, did she need a conservatorship when I was there? Yes. I’ll be the first to say it. I think she needed some guidance.” Jason said Britney had blown through a ton of money while she was married to Kevin Federline. He told Kevin, “She’d be the worst person on The Price Is Right. She doesn’t understand what things cost.” But besides needing help with her finances, Jason said the conservatorship kept her from hanging out with people who were having a bad influence on her and it forced her to attend regular therapy sessions. As far as her dad, Jason said he believes Jamie Spears only wanted what’s best for his daughter, “unless they can prove he somehow stole money from her.” Jason said he didn’t know if the conservatorship should’ve ended earlier or later than it did, but he said, “It shouldn’t have ended when I was there.”


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