Beyoncé Faces Backlash

TV news… The Senate Judiciary Committee is holding a hearing… Razzies slammed… Damar Hamlin conspiracies… and Beyoncé is reportedly recovering from foot surgery

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In TV and movie news, Netflix has renewed “Cobra Kai” for its sixth and final season. No announcement yet on when Season 6 will premiere. CBS has announced that after 14 seasons, the series finale of “NCIS: Los Angeles” will air on May 14. That frees up LL Cool J’s schedule to host more awards shows. Tracy Oliver — one of the co-writers for the 2017 movie “Girls Trip” — was at the Sundance Film Festival to promote her Prime Video series “Harlem,” but a reporter had to ask if we’ll ever get a “Girls Trip” sequel. And she said yes! “That is officially happening.” Tracy said the producer will probably kill her for talking about it, but they’re looking at setting the sequel in Ghana, which is home to the annual Afrochella music festival. When she was asked whether the script is finished, she said, “It’s definitely due.” Now the question is, will Queen Latifah, Regina Hall, Jada Pinkeye Smith and Tiffany Haddish return for the sequel? And in a recent interview, Channing Tatum revealed that his production company has the right to the 1990 movie “Ghost,” and he plans to remake the film. No specifics were given, but Channing said he is “going to do something different.” He said, “I think it needs to change a little bit,” but wouldn’t say how or why. And yes, he’ll take over Patrick Swayze’s role. Duh.

Nothing brings Republicans and Democrats together like not being able to get your kid tickets to see Taylor Swift. After the Taylor Swift/Ticketmaster fiasco, the Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing today to determine if Ticketmaster has monopolized the ticket industry. It’s estimated Ticketmaster has about 70 percent of the market share. Experts say they’re estimated to have about 70 percent of the market share at this point. Ticketmaster’s influence on pricing will also be discussed. While artists set prices for their shows, Ticketmaster slaps on a ton of fees and does business on ticket resale sites. The committee could discuss putting limits on ticket resales.

The Golden Raspberry Awards were launched in 1981, recognizing the worst movies and performances of the year. They’re basically the anti-Oscars, with the winners — or losers? — announced the night before the Academy Awards ceremony. But the Razzies have sparked outrage after it was announced Ryan Kiera Armstrong was nominated for Worst Actress for her role in “Firestarter.” Ryan’s competition for the Razzie includes Bryce Dallas Howard for “Jurassic World: Dominion,” Diane Keaton for “Mack & Rita,” Kaya Scoldelario for “The King’s Daughter,” and Alicia Silverstone for “The Requin.” But unlike her fellow nominees, Ryan is only 12 years old. Critics say the Razzies have crossed a line by nominating a child, saying this is nothing short of public humiliation and downright bullying. But this isn’t the first time a minor has been nominated for a Razzie. In its inaugural year, 16-year-old Diana Scarwid was nominated for 1981’s “Mommie Dearest.” In 1995, 15-year-old Macaulay Culkin was nominated for THREE Razzies. And in 1999’s “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace,” 10-year-old Jake Lloyd was nominated for his role as young Anakin Skywalker. But times have changed! And in this modern climate of anti-bullying, the days of the Razzies may be numbered.

Conspiracy theorists are all over this one. Damar Hamlin attended the Bills-Bengals game Sunday at Highmark Stadium….or did he? This would have been Damar’s first time back at an NFL game since Jan. 2, when he collapsed on the field after suffering cardiac arrest. Damar never spoke to anyone in the media, and when cameras cut to him, he was wearing a mask, a hoodie and sunglasses. So….how do we really know that was Damar and not a body double? Conspiracy theorists demand answers. Damar hasn’t commented, but sources close to him told TMZ it was him. The Bills haven’t commented, either.

Beyonce may have been paid $24M to perform in Dubai, but was it worth upsetting her gay fans? She’s getting a lot of backlash for performing in the United Arab Emirates — a country that doesn’t support gay rights. Many pointed out that her “Renaissance” album was heavily influenced by queer culture. She even dedicated the album to her late Uncle Johnny, who died of AIDS complications. Could all this be part of the reason she didn’t perform any songs from “Renaissance” during the Dubai show? But others are defended Queen Bey online, saying she has the right to perform wherever she wants. Now we have to see if that includes the Grammys. It’s rumored that she’s in talks to appear on the awards show, which airs on Feb. 5.


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