Beyoncé, JAY Z, Blue Ivy & Twins Looking for New Digs

Season 3 of “Fuller House”… Kelly Osbourne peed her pants… Jaden Smith and Cara Delevingne’s relationship… Karrueche Tran’s restraining order… and Beyoncé, JAY Z, Blue Ivy, and the Twins stay in Malibu rental

J-Si can’t wait until September 22 because that’s when Netflix will release season 3 of “Fuller House.” And that date is extra special for J-Si because September 22 also marks the 30th anniversary of the “Full House” premiere on ABC!

Kelly Osbourne spent four hours on a float during NYC’s Gay Pride Parade. And when she got off that float, she had to GO. So she and her undercover police escort went to a Starbucks to enquire about using their facilities, but the employees told her they didn’t have a public bathroom. She offered to buy something, thinking that they had a rule about the bathrooms being only for paying customers, but they still told her no. Kelly claims that she and her officer friend then saw a guy walking out of the bathroom. What’s up with that?? They still said no, and with nowhere to go, Kelly peed her pants. She tweeted the location of the Starbucks — on the corner of 27th and 6th, by the way — and said, “Shame on U!” Her rep told Page Six, “It’s common decency to allow someone to use a bathroom. It’s compassion!”

They play a couple in the upcoming movie “Life in a Year,” about a 17-year-old boy who finds out his girlfriend is dying so he tries to give her an entire year of life in the year she has left. Awwww!!!! Imagine that kind of love!! But sources told Star magazine that Jaden Smith and Cara Delevingne’s off-screen relationship is less than friendly. A source says Cara found Jaden’s “know-it-all attitude increasingly irritating.” So she avoided him as much as possible when they weren’t filming together. And Jaden probably had a bit more attitude than usual because his dad Will Smith produced the movie. It’ll be interesting to watch the chemistry between Jaden and Cara when they’re out promoting the movie, which is due in theaters next year.

Karrueche Tran was granted a five-year restraining order against Chris Brown and less than a week later, they were both scheduled to be at the BET Awards — he, as a perfumer; she, as a presenter. Since Chris has to stay at least 100 yards away from Karrueche, when he took the stage, she was moved to a holding room where sources say she did NOT watch Chris’ performance. And Chris never sat in the audience, so they never crossed paths. Chris did, however, cross paths with Karrueche’s new boyfriend Quavo at an after-party. It got a little tense. Meantime, Soulja Boy got bumped from BET’s Celebrity Basketball Game Saturday because of Chris. Everybody knows Chris and Soulja Boy have issues and nobody wanted any trouble. But BET chose to keep Chris over Soulja Boy, so even though his face was all over the promotional posters, the day before the game they uninvited Soulja Boy!

Beyonce and Jay Z were finally able to bring their newborn twins home from the hospital. They’ve all moved into their temporary digs — a $400K/month rental in Malibu, which is on the market for $54.5 million, if you’re interested, which Jay and Bey are not. They just can’t find a house in the LA-area that meets their standards. They’ve been looking for YEARS.


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