Showbiz Top 5: Beyonce’s bold move paid off

Simon Cowell is going to make some changes to ‘The X Factor’ next season… Next season of ‘American Idol’s’ will be the best yet… Justin Timberlake stopped concert for a proposal… Chris Brown is not going to jail… and Beyonce’s bold move paid off

“The X Factor” will name a winner on Thursday night, but producer Simon Cowell is already looking ahead to next season. Simon says he’s going to shake things up a bit and maybe cut the show back to just one night a week instead of two. He also says the judges panel will probably be different and that he’s already got some people in mind. But will he still be one of the judges? Simon would only say he envisions a “different kind of role” for himself.

Meantime, “American Idol” is back for season 13 on January 15, and Ryan Seacrest says he truly believes this will be one of the best seasons yet. Um, wasn’t that what Randy Jackson always said? Anyway, Ryan says the show is returning to its roots and doing what they do best, which is finding and cultivating great talent and having a laugh along the way. He also thinks he and the judges don’t need to take themselves so seriously, which tends to happen sometimes. Ryan also predicts that new judge Harry Connick, Jr. is going to be the breakout superstar this season.

Justin Timberlake played matchmaker at his concert in Louisville, KY, on Sunday night. He called a couple from the audience to come join him onstage and everyone cheered as Josh dropped down on one knee and proposed to Kim. How did this happen? Josh said he started working on this proposal back in June, sending almost a hundred emails to anyone he could find. Finally, Justin’s manager got in touch with him and after playing email tag for a few months, they decided it was going to actually happen. On the day of the concert, Josh went to the arena and spent four hours with Justin going over every detail of how they’d pull off the proposal! Kim says they’re waiting until after the new year to start planning the wedding, but of course they’ll be playing a few Justin songs at their wedding.

A judge has revoked Chris Brown’s probation for beating up Rihanna after he got arrested for getting into a fight in DC last month. Chris won’t be going to jail, though. He just has to stay in treatment for his anger management issues. The judge also told Chris that he couldn’t smoke marijuana anymore, even if he does have a prescription for it.

Beyonce’s new album is shattering records left and right. She dropped “Beyonce” at midnight Friday without any promotion whatsoever. It ended up being the fastest-selling album to ever hit itunes, selling 80K copies in its first three hours and then 828,773 copies over the weekend. And the final first-week sales are expected to top Beyonce’s previous biggest seller “B’day,” which sold 541K copies the first week it went on sale in 2006. You can only buy “Beyonce” in its entirety until this Friday. That’s when you can start cherry-picking the individual songs.


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