Bianca Censori’s Anti-Kanye West Intervention

Nintendo movie franchise… ‘Friends’-themed coffee shop… Chris Appleton & Lukas Gage have filed for divorce… Taylor Swift ‘s evening with Gracie Abrams… and Bianca Censori’s anti-Kanye West intervention

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The Super Mario Bros. Movie debuted back in April, grossed $1.36B worldwide and became the highest-grossing movie based on a video game in history. It’s been streaming on Peacock since Aug. 3, but its last day living in that space is Dec. 3. It will begin streaming on Netflix that very same day. Last week, the Japanese company behind The Super Mario Bros. franchise has revealed that for the past 10 years, Nintendo has been developing a live-action film based on The Legend of Zelda! As far as a release date, we have no clue. One Netflix executive said they’ll release it when it’s ready. Maze Runner director Wes Ball has already signed on, and that is literally all we know. Meantime, fans of The Legend of Zelda are having fun online discussing which actors could play all the characters. Also Pixar has released the first trailer for Inside Out 2, which will hit theaters on June 14, 2024. Amy Poehler is back as the voice of Joy, one of the core emotions inside the brain of Riley, who is now a teenager. As a teenager, Riley is going through a whole bunch of new emotions, including Anxiety, which will be voiced by Maya Hawke. The voice cast also features Phyllis Smith as Sadness, Lewis Black as Anger, Tony Hale as Fear, and Liza Lapira as Disgust.

Diehard fans of Friends fans are not happy about a Boston coffee shop inspired by Central Perk scheduled its grand opening for today — a little more than two weeks after Matthew Perry passed away. In their defense, owners have been working on this for almost a year now, so there was no way they could’ve known Matthew was going to die. But yesterday, they released a statement on their Instagram saying they were going to honor Matthew during their grand opening, but some of his fans have a huge problem with that. /The statement said, “Central Perk Coffeehouse will distribute the Chandler Bing ‘Can I Interest You in a Sarcastic Comment’ sleeve exclusively for the entire day, in honor of the life and enduring legacy of Matthew Perry.” Among the comments, “This feels icky … If you truly want to honor him, donate to his foundation which he wanted to be known for.” Another said, “Yeah using a death to promote your new business is not it.”

Last week on The Kardashians, we watched Kim Kardashian perform the wedding for her longtime hairdresser Chris Appleton and White Lotus star Lukas Gage at a wedding chapel in Vegas. Kim made a huge deal out of it, piling the couple and their ginormous coats onto her private plane, stopping by a place called Buffalo Bill’s for a surprise performance of You’re Still the One by Shania Twain — the couple’s favorite song — before they got hitched. This was a whirlwind romance between 40-year-old Chris and 28-year-old Lukas. We found out they were dating in February and then two months later, they were married. On the way to the chapel, Chris even told Lukas he was only going to do this once, but now he may be eating those words. Because one week after that episode and six months after the wedding, Chris has filed for divorce, blaming those good ol’ irreconcilable differences.

Taylor Swift couldn’t wait to get back home. LITERALLY. As soon as she finished the last of her three shows in Buenos Aires Sunday night, Taylor went straight to the airport, boarded her private plane, and flew home to New York. Taylor didn’t even stop to change. When she arrived home, she was still wearing her stage outfit rom the night before — a sparkly bodysuit with a matching garter on her thigh. Last night, Taylor went out to dinner with Gracie Abrams, who will be back opening for Taylor when her tour returns to North America next year. Maybe they were celebrating Gracie’s Grammy nomination for Best New Artist! Meantime, Brittany Mahomes could be in danger of losing her spot on Taylor’s girl squad. Way back in 2012, a then 17-year-old Brittany tweeted to Taylor, “I wanna know when (you’re) gonna find something different to write about besides boys and relationships.” The next year, Brittany posted, “Taylor Swift winning everything” with an angry face emoji. Brittany has deleted those tweets, but not before screenshots! And those old tweets are making the rounds on the internet now.

Over the summer, a barefoot Kanye West paraded his half-naked wife Bianca Censori around Europe, apparently refusing to let her smile or speak. Back in September, the Daily Mail reported that Bianca’s friends and family were “extremely concerned.” One source said, “This isn’t who she is. She is an incredibly outspoken and lively person who is never one to keep her mouth shut.” The source said Kanye kept Bianca so isolated that it was scary. About a week ago, Kanye took his 10-year-old daughter North on a daddy-daughter trip to Dubai and Saudi Arabia. According to the Daily Mail, Kanye made it clear to Bianca that he would only be taking North, so she decided she’d go back home to visit friends and family in Australia. That’s when Bianca’s loved ones seized the opportunity to stage an anti-Kanye intervention. Their source said, “Her friends let her know exactly how they feel, and they told her that she needs to wake the (BLANK) up. She knows that she has shut out those close to her, and she is also starting to see through the smoky mirrors of her marriage.” Whether anything will change remains to be seen.


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