Billie Eilish on Lying Lyrics

Shannen Doherty’s update… John Travolta to star opposite Kevin Hart… Brad Pitt works on relationship… Roc Nation tried to pressure Jennifer Lopez… and Billie Eilish on lying lyrics

Shannen Doherty has announced that her cancer is back with a vengeance. She wanted us to hear it from her first because it was about to come out in a lawsuit she filed against her insurance company. Shannen’s home was severely damaged in the 2018 Woolsey Fire and she’s suing because the insurance company is dragging its feet on paying for repairs. The lawsuit opens with, “Plaintiff Shannen Doherty is dying of stage 4 terminal cancer.” Her attorney argues that she is unable to live the time she has left peacefully in her home because of the drama over the insurance claims and repairs. Three years ago, Shannen announced she was in remission from breast cancer. She says she found out it came back as stage 4 cancer about a year ago, shortly after Luke Perry passed away and right before filming began on the “Beverly Hills 90210” reboot.

Quibi is pulling in some really big names for their quick 10-minute shows. They just announced that John Travolta and Kevin Hart will star in a new comedy/action series called “Die Hart.” Kevin will play a fictionalized version of himself and he’s tired of always being cast as the comedic sidekick. So when a famous director offers him the chance to be the leading man in an action movie, he has to train at the world’s greatest action star school, which is run by John Travolta. Quibi launches on April 6.

Brad Pitt didn’t show up at the BAFTAS — the British version of the Oscars — but just in case he won, he had his “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” co-star Margot Robbie read his acceptance speech for him. Margot said Brad had to miss because of a “family obligation,” and now we know what that is. The Sun reported that Brad dropped out at the very last minute because his estranged son Maddox said he was willing to talk to him. Brad and Maddox reportedly had a HUGE fight on a private plane, which led to Angelina Jolie filing for divorce and calling the FBI on Brad! Brad was cleared of any wrongdoing, but Maddox couldn’t get past what had happened and cut Brad off. It was Angelina who flew with Maddox to South Korea to drop him off at Yonsei University. But when Brad heard Maddox was on break and open to a conversation, he dropped everything to be there.

We’ve known for a while that performers at the Super Bowl halftime show don’t get paid. They do it for the exposure and for the boost in music sales. Shakira’s seen a 957% increase in her music sales while JLo’s has jumped by 800 percent. Here’s a little gossip about what happened behind the scenes of this year’s show. Jay-Z and his company Roc Nation were hired by the NFL to produce their entertainment, including the halftime show. When they found out that Jennifer would have kids crawling out of cages to symbolize the separation of families at the border, sources say the execs at Roc Nation, including Jay-Z, tried to get her to drop it from her set. She said no. Sources say there was so much arguing going on that JLo pulled out of performing with Shakira in the opening number. And then, sources say Roc Nation didn’t want Shakira on stage when Jennifer sang “Born in the USA,” but there she was anyway, playing the drums.

Billie Eilish is facing some backlash from her interview with “Vogue.” Billie doesn’t like what she perceives as the “lying” going on in rap music. She explained, “There’s a difference between lying in a song and writing a story. There are tons of songs where people are just lying. There’s a lot of that in rap right now, from people that I know who rap. It’s like, ‘I got my AK-47, and I’m (BLANKING)…’ and I’m like, what? You don’t have a gun. ‘And all my bi*tches…’ I’m like, which b*tches? That’s posturing, and that’s not what I’m doing.” But that exactly what her critics are slamming her for. Among some for the tweets —

“crazy she talkin like this when she be dressin like she thugnificent”

“white alternative girls love being like ‘ugh rap is all abt posturing i’m REAL’ whole time their entire image hinges on shedding their suburban background to be ‘edgy.’”

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