Blake Shelton Is People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive

Eve joins The Talk… Rose McGowan could face up to a year… Shakira is postponing her European tour… Serena Williams is getting married… and Blake Shelton is People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive

Aisha Tyler left The Talk three months ago and they’ve finally filled her empty seat. Remember Eve? She did a little rapping back in the day…I’d have to say my favorite was her song with Gwen Stefani, Let Me Blow Ya Mind. She’s also done a little acting here and there. For the past couple years, Eve’s been living in London with her husband and her dog, but now she’s moving back across the pond to take a seat on The Talk alongside Julie Chen, Sharon Osbourne, Sara Gilbert and Sheryl Underwood.

After she spoke out against Harvey Weinstein, some were questioning the timing of an arrest warrant being issued for Rose McGowan. Back in January — way before the sexual assault scandal that has rocked Hollywood — Rose dropped her wallet while getting off a plane in DC. A cleaning crew found it and inside, they found Rose’s medical marijuana card and two small baggies of cocaine. Oops! She showed up yesterday to turn herself in. She is now free on $5000 bond, but faces up to a year, if convicted.

Shakira is now having to postpone the first leg of her European tour because of a vocal chord hemorrhage. She posted a long message to her fans on Twitter, explaining that this happened back in October and she’s been in vocal rest, but “unfortunately the hemorrhage doesn’t appear to have reabsorbed” and her nightmare continues. Shakira said in all the years she’s been singing, she’s never faced a situation like this. So for now, she will continue to rest her voice and then try to pick up with the North American leg of her tour in January.

Eleven weeks after their daughter Alexis Jr. arrived, Page Six is reporting that Serena Williams and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian will get married tomorrow in New Orleans. The location is supposed to be top secret. Even the guests aren’t being told. Cars will be sent to their hotels to pick them up. But Page Six says they found out it’s happening at the Contemporary Arts Center. Among the guests expected to attend are Serena’s sister Venus, Kris Jenner, Eva Longoria, Ciara, Kelly Rowland and Meghan Markle. Reportedly, all guests are banned from posting anything on social media because Serena struck a deal with Vogue for the exclusive wedding photos.

It’s officially official. Blake Shelton is People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive. Blake is having fun with it, poking fun at himself before anybody else had a chance to. But it’s not stopping people from being pretty darn mean on social media! One tweeted, “Blake Shelton is about as sexy as a gluten free saltine cracker.” Some of the other comments — “I think the Russians are interfering with People Magazine too.” “Way to hold it down for all the 7s out there.” “Did 80% of all men suddenly die?” Not everybody disagreed with People’s decision. Blake IS getting some love. And then there are those who just feel sorry for him. One tweeted, “Poor guy gets to wake up to the whole internet calling him ugly. And this is funny to y’all? Trash. All of y’all. And I’m not even a fan of his.”


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