Bradley Cooper’s new model girlfriend

Photo of Teresa Giudice in jail… Celebrities April Fool’s Day jokes… Is Robert Pattinson engaged?… Tyga was served TWICE… and Bradley Cooper’s new model girlfriend

Did you see the family photo of Teresa Giudice being visited by her husband and kids? Yeah? Well, Teresa is really not happy you saw that. If she would’ve known Juicy Joe was going to sell that photo to a tabloid for $75K, she would’ve done something about her frizzy hair. A source told that Teresa is humiliated by the photo because she just doesn’t look good. She didn’t want any of us to ever see her like that. Every Sunday, the prison offers a photo service where inmates can take photos with their family in front of a pretty backdrop. In this case, it was a winter scene with snow-covered trees. It’s like Olan Mills Light.

A few celebrities tried to pull off April Fool’s Day jokes yesterday with mixed results. Lady Gaga tweeted she was quitting pop music but then took it back. Sam Smith tweeted, “I’m straight.” Minutes later, he followed with “April Fool’s!” but some of his fans didn’t see the humor in joking about sexuality. And we WISH this joke turned out to be true! A fashion site posted a fake announcement about Kim Kardashian hosting the first ever Selfie Awards on E!

During an interview, T-Pain told the reporter that FKA Twiggs might not contribute to his next album because she’s engaged now to Robert Pattinson. He later tweeted that he was just pulling an April Fool’s prank, but several media outlets are reporting that this is actually true.

Tyga was at an LA boutique for a signing event to launch his new Liquid Gold Shoe Launch with LA Gear. One guy bought a couple pair and waited in line for Tyga to sign the boxes, and then pulled a court summons out of his pocket. After Tyga was served, he still posed for a photo with this dude. But then, another man did the same thing 15 minutes later! No one would say exactly why Tyga was served. One of the servers said he owes somebody some money.

Bradley Cooper has traded in his 23-year-old model girlfriend for a 21-year-old model girlfriend. Huh! Isn’t that the same age Suki Waterhouse was when she and Brad started dating? Sources say Bradley is now dating Jayden Robison. According to her Trump Models bio, she’s 5’11.5”. Brad likes ‘em young and tall!!


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