Prince releasing TWO albums… Leonardo DiCaprio’s Ice Bucket Challenge… Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed moved in together… Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez filmed at restaurant… and “Breaking Bad” swept the Emmys

If you’re a Prince fan, this will get you all hot and bothered. Prince is releasing not one, but TWO albums on September 30! One is called “Plectrum Electrum” — which he recorded with 3rd Eye Girl — and the other is a solo album called “Art Official Age.” This will be his first solo CD since “20Ten” which came out in 2010. Duh.

Leonardo DiCaprio trumps everyone who’s accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with a donation of $100K to ALS research. And he’s not bothering with challenging his running buddies like Tobey Maguire or Orlando Bloom. Instead, he challenged Canadian Prime Minster Stephen Harper. Why?? Maybe it’s because he’s up in Lake Athabasca, Canada, learning about the Canadian tar sands and how they could be affecting the world’s climate.

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed have only been dating for 3 weeks and they’ve already moved in together. But they do have some history. When Nikki was still married to American Idol reject Paul McDonald and Ian was with Nina Dobrev, they used to go on double dates together so they already knew each other’s personalities very well. And now just three weeks in to their relationship, Nikki has moved in to Ian’s home in Atlanta, where he’s filming “Vampire Diaries.” Sources say Nikki visits him on set every day, which I’m sure isn’t at all awkward for his co-star and former girlfriend, Nina.

LAPD were called out to Dave & Buster’s in LA last night by a woman who claims one of Justin Bieber’s bodyguards tried to steal her cell phone. The woman admitted that she was filming Justin and Selena Gomez in the restaurant together and Justin noticed what she was doing. So he sent his bodyguard over to demand that she erase whatever pictures or video she’d just taken. The woman refused and she claims the bodyguard swiped her phone and refused to give it back. One witness told Gossip Cop that Justin actually slapped the woman, but the police showed up and determined no crime was committed, so they left.

“Breaking Bad” pretty much swept the Emmys last night, winning for Outstanding Drama Series, Best Actor for Bryan Cranston, Best Supporting Actor for Aaron Paul and Best Supporting Actress for Anna Gun. “Modern Family” was a big winner, too, but the tide may be turning on the sitcom. Not everybody was thrilled when the sitcom beat out “Orange is the New Black,” “Veep,” “Louie” and “Silicon Valley” for Outstanding Comedy Series.


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