Britney Spears’ Fans Are Worried

SXSW appearances cancelled… Alex Karev left Grey’s Anatomy… TikTok restores Lizzo swimsuit video… Ariana Grande swatted after bogus 911 call… and Britney Spears’ fans are worried

As of now, SXSW is still happening, but that could be subject to change. Yesterday, I told you that some major players — like Apple, TikTok, and Amazon — are dropping out because of fears that Austin would become an incubator for the Coronavirus. But now, some artists are announcing they’ll no-show, as well. Beastie Boys were scheduled to discuss their upcoming documentary on HBO, but because WarnerMedia — the company that owns HBO — dropped out, there’s no need for them to go. That’s the same case for Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross of Nine Inch Nails. They did the score for HBO’s “Watchmen” series and were scheduled to be keynote speakers. No HBO, no need for a speech. Ozzy Osbourne is withdrawing because of his recent health problems. He is about to start treatment of Parkinson’s. And there’s one independent artist — Sad13 — who says she’s not going, which is probably getting her more press than if she’d actually gone. But she said that after thinking about it, “sad13 is gonna bow out of sxsw this year. austin is my favorite place in the whole world, i’ll take almost any excuse to be there. but not at the cost of participating in a festival that will potentially accelerate the spread of a dangerous virus.” According to Deadline, SXSW claims to be “working closely with local, state, and federal agencies to plan for a safe event,” and still has no plans to cancel or postpone the festival.

Last night “Grey’s Anatomy” finally told fans how they were writing off Dr. Alex Karev, and they are LIVID. Justin Chambers was one of the only two original cast members, but couldn’t even stomach making it through all of Season 16. No spoiler alert, other than the fact that his send-off didn’t involve death, but here are some of the comments on Twitter: “I mean I can’t believe I’m saying this but shonda should’ve just killed him. that would have made way more sense than this mess.” “y’all should’ve really jus killed him off instead of doing this. tf is wrong with y’all” “I feel like I should be crying right now, but I’m just pissed”

Lizzo was curious as to why TikTok would take videos of her in a bathing suit down but allowed videos of other girls in bathing suits to remain up. So she posed that question on her TikTok, adding, “TikTok…we need to talk.” That video proved to be quite effective because guess whose bathing suit videos have been reposted….A TikTok spokesperson said, “I just want to express how amazing Lizzo is as a creator, as an artist and as a trendsetter. And our community loves her, so immediately, as soon as we saw it might be an issue, looked into it. And our team is in touch with her team, so when she’s like ‘Tik Tok let’s talk,’ our team talks.”

Around 5pm Wednesday, someone called 911 to report that shots were being fired inside Ariana Grande’s house in LA. Since Ariana has been a victim of swatting before, police were a bit skeptical, so they only sent 2 squad cars out to her house. It turns out they were right. After speaking to the property manager, they determined it was a prank call. If someone is caught swatting, they face serious prison time, plus the cost of wasting police resources and any liability if things go wrong. Three years ago, a man was sentenced to 20 years in prison when he called in a fake threat to a house because he thought someone who owed him money for a “Call of Duty” bet lived there. He didn’t. But the man who did live there was shot and killed by police.

Britney Spears’ fans are worried. Is she okay? Britney has been on an Instagram binge, sharing the same photos of her wearing her grandmother’s old bathing suit. In the latest she changed the caption to, “I wake up every morning and counteract with myself over which shoes to wear with my dress …. 🙄😂😂 !!!! Today I wanted to be Sarah Jessica Parker from Sex in the City and show a particular confidence and sparkle when I walk 👠👠✨👗✨🚕💕 but guess what ?!!!? It’s too hard once again to walk in my heels 🤦🏼‍♀️ …. so I look at my flip flops and say …. today my feet shall BREATHE 💋😘💋💋 !!!! But is that good enough ??!!” Some are posting comments using if she’s okay with sad emojis. But others are super encouraging, posting things like, “I’m never going to get tired of this photo shoot!”

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