Showbiz Top 5: Britney Spears is casting for a body double

Thor’s second weekend at #1… Nick Cannon posse impostor stole thousands of dollars worth of jewelry… Lamar Odom may be re-signing with the Clippers… Justin Bieber’s neighbors call the cops on him… and Britney Spears is casting for a body double

For the second weekend, “Thor: The Dark World” was number one at the box office, earning another $38.5 million. But “The Best Man Holiday” also impressed with $30.5 million in ticket sales and a second place finish. And audiences are LOVING it. It’s CinemaScore was A+, and that doesn’t happen too often! Of course, the numbers will be entirely different next weekend with the opening of “Hunger Games:  Catching Fire.”

A man pretending to work for Nick Cannon stole thousands of dollars worth of jewelry from Fred Segal. TMZ says some guy who called himself called the Fred Segal’s in Santa Monica and said that Nick needed some jewelry for his wife, Mariah Carey…….like, NOW. A store clerk agreed to meet “Michael” at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. When the clerk got there, a man dressed as a security guard came up to her and said he was there to take the jewelry to Nick’s room and that he would be right back with cash because Nick wanted to avoid paying taxes. Well, guess what? The security guard never came back. The LAPD is investigating.

Lamar Odom says he’s THISCLOSE to signing back on with the LA Clippers. Lamar met with members of the team’s management for two hours on Friday. A source told “Us Weekly” that “it was the best deal” and “he’s happy to go back.” But Lamar might want to slow his roll a little bit because according to Clippers coach Doc Rivers told ESPN that he just wanted to see Lamar “physically” to see how he was doing. He said their conversation was “good,” but added, “It didn’t go much further than that.”

Justin Bieber threw an all-night party for about 100 guests at his home in Calabasas. His arch-nemesis, the next-door neighbor who claims Justin spit on him, wasn’t happy about all the noise and called the cops three times! Authorities showed up at 1am, 3am and then finally at 5:30am, which is when the neighbor decided to finally file a police report against Justin for disturbing the peace. As far as what went on during that party, we may never know! All the guests — including Snoop Lion! — had to sign a confidentiality agreement. If they violate the terms, they’ll be sued for $3 million.

Britney Spears needs a body double, y’all! claims to have the casting notice for a Britney Spears look-alike, complete with these requirements:  “Please only submit if you have these measurements or are very close to them all. Height 5’4″, 130 lbs., 32C-27′-35′, dress size 4, shoe size 7.” Applicants must also be Caucasian and between the ages of 21 and 33. Apparently, the body double is needed for an upcoming video shoot.

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