Britney Spears Is Sparking Concerns

Zendaya responds to speculation… Name of Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner’s 2nd daughter… Taylor Swift spotted leaving Kansas City… Spain charges Shakira… and Britney Spears is sparking concerns

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Zendaya posted a selfie and fans immediately jumped on the fact that she was wearing a giant ring, which MUST be an engagement ring, right? But this was a mirror selfie….and if they’d paid closer attention, people would’ve noticed the image was reversed because he writing on her hat was backwards. That didn’t matter! People want Zendaya and Tom Holland to be engaged! So Zendaya jumped back on Instagram to shut that rumor DOWN. With someone I assume is her dad laughing in the background, Zendaya rolls her eyes and says, “I can’t post anything, you guys! I posted it for my hat … Like, not for the ring on my right finger, you guys. Seriously, you think that’s how I would drop the deuce? Like, what?!” By the way, it was a Warriors baseball cap.

We finally know the name of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s second daughter. Until now, legal paperwork listed their two daughters as W.J. and D. J. We know their 3-year-old daughter is named Willa, but what does that D stand for?? On Monday, Joe and Sophie reached a temporary agreement keeping their daughters in New York until a final agreement is reached. And Page Six obtained a copy of those custody papers, which is how we learned that their 14-month-old daughter is named Delphine!

Taylor Swift had a ton of fun in Kansas City, but yesterday, it was time to head home. Page Six got the exclusive video of Taylor being driven in a silver SUV onto the tarmac at Kansas City International Airport. The car pulled right up next to her private jet and Taylor scurried onboard as several umbrellas were held up to block paparazzi cameras. We all saw Taylor sitting next to Travis Kelce’s mom Donna in his private suite at Arrowhead Stadium. It remains to be seen if Taylor will be at Sunday night’s game when the Chiefs take on the Jets in East Rutherford, NJ. After this past Sunday’s game, Travis took Taylor for a sunset cruise around town in his drop-top convertible before heading over to the restaurant he’d rented out to celebrate with his friends. Here’s a DM I received from a listener with a little color commentary about Taylor’s visit to Kansas City: “I’m in kc and know too much. The guys in the box were all Travis’s best friends from elementary and middle school. She came on the bus with them and walked in with them (and maybe a couple security) surrounding her. The bus his family and friends da come on leaves from his house so she was either there that morning OR the night before. She seemed extremely familiar with his two best friends. His friends usually post at least one Instagram story from the bus and none of them did this week. Travis rented out the restaurant/bar for Sunday on Friday. Someone who had birthday reservations for Sunday was called on friday and told they had to be out by a certain time because someone had rented out the restaurant. I think they met when Travis was in by a few weeks ago. I’m OBSESSED and hope they hall in love and have a beautiful peaceful love story.”

Since her breakup with Gerard Pique, Shakira has relocated to Miami with their two sons. But on Nov. 20, Shakira will be back in Barcelona, where she’s being tried for failure to pay more than $15M in taxes. Between 2012-2014, Shakira listed her primary residence as the Bahamas and paid her taxes there. But Spanish prosecutors claim she spent more than half her time in Spain during those years, so she should’ve paid her taxes there. And this week, Shakira was notified that Spanish prosecutors are coming after her for another $7M+ in taxes they claim she owes for income earned in 2018.

On Monday, Britney Spears freaked us all out when she did a frantic dance while slinging around a couple of butcher knives. She captioned it, “I started playing in the kitchen with knives today!!! Don’t worry they are NOT real knives!!! Halloween is soon!!!” But at the end of her freestyle routine, Britney clangs the knives together and you can hear for yourself that these knives are VERY real. Britney later posted a followup video telling us, “Lighten up about the knives I’m copying Shakira!!!” Britney is referring to a knife dance Shakira performed recently at the VMAs. However, in a video posted prior to that, Britney’s forearm is wrapped in a bandage and she appears to have a small cut on her right upper thigh and above her bikini line over her right butt cheek. This seems to validate TMZ’s recent Britney documentary where they claim she is fascinated with knives. In fact, TMZ said when Britney was freed from her conservatorship, those closest to her were advised to keep knives away from her. Britney reportedly keeps knives hidden throughout the house — including in her bedroom — because she’s afraid someone is going to try to take her back to the mental hospital. And if you remember, in Jamie Lynn Spears’ memoir, she accused of Britney of locking her in a room while holding a knife, but Britney called her a lying piece of scum.


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