Britney Spears Might “Never Again” Perform Live

R. Kelly update… James Charles upcoming tour… Nickelodeon’s reboot of “All That”… Taylor Swift is back on Ellen… and Britney Spears might “never again” perform live

Where’s R. Kelly suddenly getting all this cash? His attorney showed up in court yesterday with a check for $41,666 — I would’ve rounded up a dollar, R. Kelly! That’s covers two months of child support payments and keeps him out of jail through the end of July. R. Kelly still owes $32K in interest on back child support, but his crisis manager told TMZ they have no intention of paying that. All they care about right now is that R. Kelly is current. Last week, one of his attorneys told reporters that he’s lining up performances for R. Kelly in Illinois and other parts of the country, and he expects the judge to approve requests to let him travel for these gigs because he has to keep earning money to support his kids. And oh yeah, R. Kelly still faces 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse involving underage girls.

YouTube beauty vlogger James Charles has lost about 3 million subscribers since his mentor Tati called him out for being disloyal, disrespectful and disgusting. He’s down to less than 13.5 million as of this morning. That’s still a lot! And as of now, his upcoming national speaking tour is still a go. The Sisters Tour kicks of June 26 in Philadelphia and wraps up July 26 in LA. He’s got 24 gigs booked, including July 19 in Grand Prairie just outside Dallas and July 21 in San Antonio. Some fans even paid $500 for VIP seats. But after the fallout with Tati, a lot of fans have been going on social media demanding refunds. TMZ reached out to several venues who say they haven’t heard a peep from James’ tour managers so they’re assuming things are still a go.

Nickelodeon’s reboot of “All That” kicks off on Saturday, June 15th. The original ran from 1994 – 2005. The premiere episode features original cast members Kel Mitchell, Lori Beth Denberg and Josh Server. We’re not sure if Kenan Thompson will appear, but his is an executive producer on the reboot. And the first musical guest on the all new “All That” …….? The Jonas Brothers!

Taylor Swift hasn’t been on her talk show in four years, but she’s back on Ellen today! Actually, they recorded it yesterday and we already know some of what they talk about. During Ellen’s Burning Questions game, Taylor confess that she sleep eats. She told Ellen that she goes downstairs and rummages through the kitchen, eating whatever she can find. She said, “It’s really less human being and more like a raccoon in a dumpster.” She also said, “The next morning WE walk downstairs and think ‘what happened here?’” And they have to assume it’s either her or the cats because she can’t remember any of it. Taylor was also asked about her most rebellious moment, and she admitted that it happened when she was on Ellen’s show back in 2008 and she busted Joe Jonas for dumping her over the phone.

Larry Rudolph was Britney Spears’ manager from 1998-2004. She fired him about a month after marrying Kevin Federline. But Britney re-hired Larry in 2008, and he’s been her manager ever since. Larry told TMZ that he has nothing to do with Britney’s conservatorship. Jamie Spears basically keeps him informed on matters that have to do with Britney’s career and that’s it. Larry said Britney was in rehearsals for her second Vegas residency while her dad was dealing with a serious health crisis and her medications stopped working, which led them to pull the show. But based on what he knows, Larry says Britney won’t be doing the residency any time soon, and maybe not EVER.

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