Britney Spears to Be Released

Luke Perry’s final appearance… Jussie Smollett may return… Louis Tomlinson’s video… Lori Loughlin and her husband plead “ignorant”… and Britney Spears to be released

Luke Perry passed away two months ago after suffering a massive stroke. On last night’s episode of “Riverdale,” it was Luke’s final appearance as Archie’s dad, Fred Andrews. The show runner promised it would be a beautiful moment between father and son, and considering the circumstances, it was. Archie is anxious and afraid that he’s going to be framed for murder, but Fred stayed calm and told his son he was confident that he would be proven innocent. And that was it. Yes, fans wanted more, but nobody knew what was about to happen. And now with just 3 new episodes left in the third season of “Riverdale,” we have to wait and see how the show handles Luke’s death through his character, Fred.

And last night, it was Jussie Smollett’s last appearance on season 5 of “Empire.” When they filmed it, Jussie had just been arrested for staging a fake hate crime, so this could potentially have been his last scene EVER. Rather than kill him off, they gave his character Jamal Lyon the wedding of his dreams to his boyfriend Kai. That leaves things very open ended. So will Jussie be back for season 6 or not? The charges have been dropped. And the cast has written a letter asking Fox and Disney to bring him back. “Empire” creator Lee Daniels says no matter what — whether he lied or not — he stands with Jussie. He told “Extra,” “I can only support him because he is like my son, he is my son, and so I’m with him. So I can only support him and I can only give him compassion.” So it sounds like Jussie’s coming back. And then on top of that, a Page Six reporter saw Jussie having lunch with the “Empire” show runner yesterday.

If you need a really good cry, check out Louis Tomlinson’s video for his new single “Two of Us.” In the video, we meet 83-year-old Richard Green, who lost his wife to Alzheimer’s around the same time Louis lost his mother to cancer. Somehow, Louis found out Richard has a bucket list, and he set out to help Richard check off as many things as he could in one day. Fly a helicopter. Check! Drive a race car. Check! Get a tattoo. Sorta check. Richard ended up giving Louis one, instead. It was his initials “RG” on Louis’ forearm. Back to the list! Ride a rollercoaster. Check! And then they checked off one last thing from Richard’s list — performing in an arena. Louis happened to have a concert that night and, not knowing what he was about to hear, he brought Richard out to sing. Richard sang opera and KILLED IT! And if you’re not crying by this point, you have no soul!!

Lori Loughlin and her husband, Mossimo, entered a “not guilty” pleas to wire fraud and money laundering charges in the college admissions scandal. They didn’t accept the original deal offered to them by the prosecutors, which would’ve included a fine and a little prison time. But then they were hit with more charges with heftier penalties, which sent them into full-on panic. Now sources say their defense strategy is this — “We are ignorant!!” So, a lot of parents use facilitators to help their kids get through the college application process, and there’s nothing illegal about that. So Lori and Mossimo are reportedly going to claim they thought they were just using a facilitator who’d gotten hundreds of kids into their colleges of choice. They had no idea where the half a million dollars was going or why he had them take those pictures of their daughters pretending to row. They hope playing dumb works because it’s the only chance they have to avoid prison.

TMZ is reporting that Britney Spears will be checking herself out of the mental health facility as early as today, but definitely by the end of the week. Their sources say doctors will continue to work on getting her medications just right after she returns home. Apparently, they still haven’t gotten it just right. But TMZ’s sources say Britney was never in the facility over her prescriptions. She was super stressed about her dad’s health and knew it was important for her to get her head straight. And after posting that video telling us that she’s all doing okay, Britney posted another one showing her working out, saying that all her stress has helped her drop five pounds.

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