Tom Cruise is being sued for $1 billion… Kristen Bell’s Twitter war with the “pedorazzi”… Ke$ha’s mom points her finger at Dr. Luke… Justin Bieber tried to get baptized… and Broncos linebacker Von Miller partied with the Seahawks!

When “Mission Impossible:  Ghost Protocol” was released in 2011, it grossed more than $600 million, making it Tom Cruise’s highest-grossing movie ever. But RadarOnline is reporting that Tom is now being sued by a screenwriter who claims Tom stole his idea for the movie. Timothy Patrick McLanahan says way back in 1998, he’d written a screenplay called “Head On.” He got a copyright for it an everything before he sent it off to the William Morris Agency, who ended up passing on the script, but — McLanahan claims — they forwarded it over to CAA without his permission. Nobody was interested, or so McLanahan thought, until he went to see “Ghost Protocol” and realized it seemed very, VERY familiar. He is now suing for $1 billion.

Kristen Bell is using Twitter to wage war against the “pedorazzi” — photographers who stalk celebrity children and sell the pictures to magazines — and she’s calling out “People” magazine, in particular. Over the weekend, Kristen posted a series of angry tweets, including, “dear @peoplemag  -scaring & harassing kids isn’t ‘entertainment news’. pls agree to stop using #pedorazzi shots. #nokidspolicy RT IF U AGREE.” She also posted a comment from one of her followers:  “On st in NYC once heard Suri Cruise yell, ‘Leave us alone!’ to paparazzi. Heartbreaking.”  Kristen and Dax Shepard welcomed their daughter, Lincoln, back in March of last year. Dax posted a blog in the “Huffington Post” last week saying that he understands people like looking at celebrity children in magazines, but he hopes they like these children “enough to protect them from constantly being shadowed by strange men.” He also “prays that classier weeklies, like People, will enact a no-kids policy, and that they will be rewarded by the consumer for doing so.”

Ke$ha’s mom pointed her finger at Dr. Luke, saying he’s the one who caused her to have a life-threatening eating disorder. And now, some of Ke$ha’s fans are threatening Dr. Luke’s life! The LAPD is trying to get a search warrant to track down the identities of people tweeting these death threats. For instance, someone going by the name of 28 Days has tweeted all sorts of horrifying threats, like “You need to be worried because IMA slit your throat before January is over” and “Im gonna carve u like a pumpkin with a long sharp knife.” Or how about this:  “Im gonna gut you like a fish then skin you and glue ur wrinkly raisin skin to a fridge!” or “You should be scared. I know where yu live & I will MURDER U. Im harassing ur ugly ass secretary.” The police are taking this very seriously because one tweeter gave Dr. Luke’s home address and phone number and then invited his followers to kill him.

Justin Bieber was raised with a strong Christian background and, while he’s strayed a good bit from the straight and narrow, his religious roots do run deep. Page Six is reporting from multiple sources that Justin was looking for some spiritual help in NY on Saturday night. He and his people were trying to track down a place in Manhattan with a private pool so he could be baptized by someone with the Hillsong Church. A source says Justin is serious about his Christian faith and realizes that after all that’s happened recently, he needs to pause for a minute and have a spiritual cleansing baptism ceremony. It turns out Justin is a big fan of the megachurch, which has conducted baptisms in the Gansevoort Hotel’s rooftop pool before. But unfortunately, they couldn’t find a spot before Justin had to make all those pre-Super Bowl parties….

After their big win, the Super Bowl champion Seahawks took over the Marquee club in Chelsea Sunday  night. According to Page Six, Broncos linebacker Von Miller actually showed up to party with the team that just kicked his butt! He was photographed partying alongside MVP Malcolm Smith, Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor, Golden Tate, Alvin Bailey, Steven Hauschka, Dwight Freeney and Julius Peppers. Drake served as DJ for the Seahawks’ party, which drew celebrities like Bow Wow and Jermaine Dupri.


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