Showbiz Top 5: Brooke Mueller finally agrees to have twins checked for Fetal Alcohol & Drug Syndrome

‘Thor 2’ came in first at the box office this weekend… Confessions of a Casting Director is a new book on shelves packed with hollywood info… George Clooney reveals feud with Russell Crowe in interview… Justin Bieber was kicked out of his hotel… and Brooke Mueller finally agrees to have twins checked for Fetal Alcohol & Drug Syndrome

No real surprise that “Thor: The Dark World” debuted in first place this weekend, taking in $86.1 million.  And here’s the thing — the rest of the top five all finished within $1 million of each other! “Jackass Presents:  Bad Grandpa” was second with $11.3 million. That was followed by “Free Birds” with $11.2 million; “Last Vegas” with $11.1 million; and “Ender’s Game” with $10.3 million.

This is one book I am definitely pre-ordering! “Confessions of a Casting Director” by Jen Rudin is out next month. During her days working at Walt Disney, Jen said she had to accommodate tons of celebrity requests. She told Page Six, “William Shatner always needed fresh sushi, Kiefer Sutherland needed a cigarette and In-N-Out Burger. Rosie O’Donnell needed chicken of some sort…Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson, one of them were vegan or macrobiotic. It was unique.” Jen also wrote about casting the Disney movie, “The Princess and the Frog.” She said so many women wanted that role. Jennifer Hudson was gunning for it. Tyra Banks came in with a CD to prove she could sing. Alicia Keys auditioned three times. Jen said, “Beyoncé expected an offer, but wouldn’t audition and so she didn’t get one.” But ultimately, the rolled with to Anika Noni Rose.

George Clooney opened up to “Esquire” magazine about a feud he had with Russell Crowe. For whatever reason, Russell called out George, Harrison Ford and Robert DeNiro for being sellouts. Russell said of George, “Who the (BLANK) does this guy think he is? He’s a Frank Sinatra wannabe.” Russell then tried to apologize to George by claiming his was misquoted and then sent George a book of poetry.

Justin Beiber’s fans were so out of control in Argentina that he got kicked out of his hotel. They were tearing down police barricades and making so much noise that Justin finally tweeted, “to all my fans at the hotel. thank u. i love u. but please calm down and respect the police. we don’t want anyone getting hurt.” But that wasn’t enough to appease the hotel and Justin had to move. Then to add to the inconvenience, Justin has come down with a nasty case of food poisoning. is reporting that Brooke Mueller has agreed to let her 4-year-old sons be tested for alcohol and drug syndrome. Reportedly, Brooke went to rehab twice when she was pregnant with Bob and Max to deal with her addiction to crystal meth. On top of that, a source said she was also drinking heavily during her pregnancy. And since Denise Richards told authorities she can no longer care for the boys, Brooke’s brother Scott has been granted temporary guardianship of his nephews.


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