Bruce Jenner may face wrongful death suit

Is there another Kardashian spinoff?… Amal Clooney wants a baby… “Furious 7” in theaters today… 1.7 million viewers of the Scientology expose… and Bruce Jenner may face wrongful death suit

Can you handle another Kardashian spinoff? What if it doesn’t actually star the Kardashians? E! is offering us “Dash Dolls,” which will follow the lives of those who work for the Kardashian family at their Dash clothing boutique. Basically, it’s another “Vanderpump Rules.” Love it? E! also has a new summer series, “Stewarts & Hamiltons,” which will follow Rod Stewart’s daughter, Kimberly, and her half-brother, Ashley Hamilton. His dad is George Hamilton. The kids share the same mom.

The National Enquirer is reporting that Amal Clooney would really love to have a baby with her new hubby George, but that whole “pregnancy thing” would really hinder her work and travel. She reportedly has spoken to Nicole Kidman and Sarah Jessica Parker about their experiences using a surrogate. A source told the tabloid that Amal and George are willing to pay a minimum of $5 million to a surrogate and another $4 million for the surrogate to keep her mouth shut.

“Furious 7” is out today and box office numbers are obviously going to be through the roof because of Paul Walker. But there could be some Iggy Azalea fans out there who are super excited about seeing her acting debut. But blink and you might miss it. Iggy has exactly one line and she says it right after Michelle Rodriguez’s character Letty participates in Race Wars. I’m going to spoil it for you right here — “Hey, there’s the girl I’ve heard so much about. Where you been at, ghost girl?” Whoa.

“Going Clear” — the Scientology expose that debuted on HBO Sunday night — grabbed nearly 1.7 million of us during the two-hour broadcast. But those numbers are going to grow once HBO-Go plays, DVR views and the encore presentation numbers are all added up. But this is HBO’s most-watched documentary premiere since Spike Lee’s four-part “When the Levees Broke” aired in 2006.  Noticeably absent from “Going Clear” — any mention of Katie Holmes who managed to divorce Tom Cruise without him ever seeing it coming, and Leah Remini, who famously quit the church but told BuzzFeed last year that she didn’t want to be known as “this bitter ex-Scientologist.”

The two adult stepchildren of the woman who was killed when Bruce Jenner caused her car to crash are preparing to file a wrongful death lawsuit. But TMZ is reporting that these children had virtually no relationship with their stepmom. Kim Howe was driving her Lexus on the Pacific Coast Highway when Bruce slammed into her car, sending her into the path of an oncoming Hummer. TMZ spoke to those who were closest to Kim. She had no direct relatives. Her parents are deceased. Her husband died in 2003. And her husband’s two grown children don’t live in California and never really communicated with Kim once their dad died. But! Since they’re the only remaining people who have a legal right to file a wrongful death lawsuit, they’re going to take a chance at getting paid. Yes, in California, stepchildren have a legal standing to sue, even if they were estranged from the stepparent.


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