Bruce Jenner’s ‘journey’ addressed in alleged interview

Downton Abbey’s creator’s new project… Taylor Swift’s trademark phrases… Lindsay Lohan’s community service hours questioned… Is Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez back together?… and Bruce Jenner’s ‘journey’ addressed in alleged interview

The stars of Downton Abbey will being filming season 6 this spring, but some are saying this could be the show’s final season. The show’s creator and writer Julian Fellowes reportedly wants to work on a new project for NBC called The Gilded Age, which is set in 19th century New York. The Mirror said that while the stars of Downton Abbey were in LA for the SAG Awards, many of them were actively seeking other roles, so maybe they see the writing on the wall…

Taylor Swift has decided to trademark several phrases from her 1989 album, including “Party Like It’s 1989,” “This Sick Beat,” and “Nice to Meet You. Where You Been?” Now she’s the only one allowed to use those phrases on everything from t-shirts to coffee cups to Christmas ornaments.

The DA isn’t buying Lindsay Lohan’s claims that she completed her community service hours on time, and he’s questioning the validity of some of the hours she’s claiming! Should she get 18 hours of credit for doing meet-and-greets with her fans?? How is having young people following her around shadowing her as she works good for 70 hours of credit?? And when has Lindsay worked 70 hours?!?! The DA wants Lindsay to appear in person and swear under oath that she legitimately completed her hours, but that was denied by the judge. Now the DA is requesting copies of her medical records because on the days she was hospitalized, Lindsay claims to have been doing her community service hours.

From our listener Mickey on my Facebook this morning:  “Just an Fyi….I work near Cartersville Ga (outside of Atlanta) and a coworker just verified that Justin Bieber was with Selena Gomez during her shoot with Paul Rudd. Selieber is in effect.” These two crazy kids just can’t stay apart! The whole time she was throwing DJ Zedd in our faces, didn’t you sorta kinda think she was just doing it to make the Biebs jealous? It must’ve worked!

Us Weekly is reporting that Bruce Jenner has taped an interview and is now filming an unscripted reality series for E! that will be all about Bruce’s “desire to look like a woman and live as one.” A source says Bruce finally decided to speak out because he has the support of his children. And here’s another interesting tidbit, the magazine says Kris Jenner has been aware of Bruce’s desire to live as a woman since the very beginning of their relationship!


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