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“DWTS” update… Scott Disick checked out of rehab… Country star Jason Aldean’s blackface… Kendall Jenner and Rihanna drama… and Buy Justin Bieber’s New Album with Lyft

This story just broke on TMZ this morning — Tamar Braxton has quit “Dancing with the Stars.” Apparently, she was way sicker than anyone thought. After dress rehearsal, she rushed to the ER where doctors diagnosed her with pneumonia. To avoid elimination, Tamar rushed back to the show to perform, but then went straight back to the hospital. It turns out she had blood clots on both sides of her lungs and was on the brink of death! She had no choice but to quit the show.

After almost a month of treatment, Scott Disick has checked out of rehab in Malibu. He posted a photo of himself getting on a private plane, captioning it, “Private aviation is my motivation.” We’re not sure if he’s completed his stay or if he’s just taking a break from rehab. We don’t even know where he went!

Private aviation is my motivation

A photo posted by Scott Disick (@letthelordbewithyou) on

When will white people learn??? Country star Jason Aldean dressed up in blackface and dreadlocks for Halloween and somebody posted a picture on a gossip site in Nashville. The backlash was big. His rep explained that Jason was dressed as Lil Wayne, but so far no apology from either Jason or his rep.

“Heat Magazine” is reporting that Kendall Jenner may have made a couple of enemies when she was hired for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Their sources say Rihanna canceled her performance because Kendall took her best friend Jourdan Dunn’s spot on the runway. In fact, the same day Kendall announced she’d earned her angel wings, Jourdan went on a Twitter rant, saying, “Feeling so much better about not doing BS… sorry I mean VS now that Rihanna isn’t doing it also.”

To promote his new album, Justin Bieber is teaming up with Lyft for “Bieber Mode.” Through midnight Nov. 19, if you order a lift from Lyft and you slide into “Bieber Mode” on the app, if your ride is at least $5, you can order “Purpose” for $5 AND get a $5 credit toward your next ride. AND!!! There’s a chance Justin himself will be in the car when you get picked up! He’ll be popping up in Lyft rides across the country!


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