Grandpa joins Drowning Pool…Prince Harry  gets tested… The ESPY Awards… Celebrities on Pokemon Go… and Calvin Harris goes off on Taylor Swift in Twitter rant

Remember a few weeks ago when that 82-year-old guy got up on stage at “America’s Got Talent” and belted out Drowning Pool’s “Bodies”? After that performance, Drowning Pool’s guitarist C.J. Pierce told Billboard that he was on a mission to find this guy and have him perform with the band. Well, it’s finally happening this Saturday night! John Hetlinger is performing with Drowning Pool at the Chicago Open Air Festival! Reportedly, the band is supplying Mr. Hetlinger with lots of alcohol and he will be signing autographs after the performance.

Prince Harry went on Facebook Live this morning to share footage of himself getting an HIV test. He wanted to show just how important and how easy it is to get tested. He simply washed his hands and got his finger pricked and the results were instant. He’s HIV-free! Harry wanted to set the example that EVERYONE should all be tested, “whether you’re a man, woman, gay, straight, black, white, whatever…a ginger!” Harry also pointed out that he’s currently single.

The 24th annual ESPY Awards were held last night, honoring the best of the best in sports. Awards were handed out in more than 30 categories, with many of the winners chosen by the fans. Among the winners, the Best Male and Female Athletes are LeBron James and Breanna Stewart. Best team is the Cleveland Cavaliers. They also won Best Moment for winning the NBA Championship. Best players in their respective sports? NBA – LeBron James; WNBA – Maya Moore; NFL – Cam Newton; MLB – Bryce Harper; NHL – Sidney Crosby; Male Golfer – Jordan Spieth; Female Golfer – Lydia Ko; Driver – Kyle Bush. Peyton Manning, Kobe Bryant and Abby Wambach all received the Icon Award. And this year’s Arthur Ashe Courage Award winner went to the late Zaevion Dobson — a 15-year-old football player from Tennessee who lost his life while shielding three girls from bullets being fired by gang members who opened fire on a group of school kids.

Lots of celebrities are into this Pokemon Go phenomenon. In the world of music, Blink 182’s Mark Hoppus posted a picture of a little yellow creature he found in his dressing room after a show. The Chainsmokers tweeted, “There’s a Pokemon Go on stage with us right now.” Wiz Khalifa even got into it, tweeting, “I feel like there’s Pokemon all around me and I just don’t know it.” And John Mayer posted a screen grab of him being asked if he’d like to confirm his in-app purchase of 14,500 Pokecoins for $99.99. He captioned it, “YES I DO.”

The poop hit the fan with Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift yesterday! So here’s the deal — Taylor wrote “This Is What You Came Here For.” She reportedly sat down at a piano, did a demo into her iPhone and sent it to Calvin. He loved it, so they went into the studio together to do a full demo with Taylor on vocals. They knew it would be a hit but both agreed that them being a couple would overshadow the greatness of the song. So Taylor decided to use a pseudonym on the writing credits and they got Rihanna to do the vocals. Well! The day the song came out, Calvin went on Ryan Seacrest’s show to promote it and when Ryan asked him if he and his then-girlfriend would ever collaborate on a song together and Calvin said, “You know, we haven’t even spoken about it. I can’t see it happening, though.” Well, THAT hurt. So for whatever reason and why now, Taylor’s rep confirmed that she, in fact, wrote the song. Calvin then posted a link to People magazine’s article about it and captioned it, “And she sings on a little bit of it too (upside down smiley face) Amazing lyric writer and she smashed it as usual. Then he followed that with a series of tweets. “I wrote the music, produced the song, arranged it and cut the vocals though. And initially she wanted it kept secret, hence the pseudonym. Hurtful to me at this point that her and her team would go so far out of their way to try and make ME look bad at this stage though. (pondering face emoji). I figure if you’re happy in your new relationship you should focus on that instead of trying to tear your ex bf down for something to do. I know you’re off tour and you need someone new to try and bury like Katy ETC but I’m not that guy, sorry. I won’t allow it. Please focus on the positive aspects of YOUR life because you’ve earned a great one. God bless everyone and have a beautiful day.” Katy Perry soon tweeted a GIF of Hillary Clinton that we can only assume is about her name being brought up in this situation. It’s looks like Hillary is starting to say something, but then stops herself, shrugs a little and looks like, “Well, I think that said it all!” Katy then retweeted a post from May 9, 2016 — right about the time that whole “Bad Blood” feud between her and Taylor was at fever pitch. It said, “Time, the ultimate truth teller.”


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