Cara Delevingne was detained for a ‘full-on meltdown’

Courtney Stodden is pregnant… Sinead O’Connor went missing… Mariah Carey promotes her new show… Are Kylie Jenner and Tyga done?… and Cara Delevingne threw an enormous tantrum

Courtney Stodden is pregnant with her first child. It’s still very early. She’s only 4 weeks along. Courtney and her Doug Hutchison became famous for getting married when she was 16 and he was 50. After about a year-long separation, these two crazy lovebirds worked things out. They’ll be celebrating their 5th anniversary this Friday.

Yesterday, Sinead O’Connor was reported missing by authorities outside of Chicago. She’d been staying in the area with friends for the past several weeks, which is when all the drama went down with her accusing Arsenio Hall of being Prince’s drug dealer and Arsenio filing a defamation lawsuit against her. Sinead reportedly took off on her bicycle Sunday afternoon and didn’t contact her friends, who believed she was having suicidal thoughts. She was found safe yesterday afternoon.

Mariah Carey was in NYC yesterday for NBCUniversal’s up fronts to promote her new show on E! — “Mariah’s World.” Of course, she was one of the last to arrive for the red carpet, with her full entourage in tow. According to Page Six, Mariah’s glam squad touched up her hair and makeup no less than six times as she made her way down the red carpet, which she ended up tripping on. Later, she ended up being carried onstage by two shirtless men as she lounged on a chaise.

Mariah’s World (Official Trailer)

Kylie Jenner is done with Tyga and it looks like she may already have her next love interest. Twenty-two-year-old rapper Party Next Door — who is signed to Drake’s OVO Sound label — posted a picture of his hand over Kylie’s as they’re both showing off their diamond-encrusted watches. He captioned it “Diamond battles with @KylieJenner.” We weren’t the only ones reading something into that because Tyga responded with his on IG post. He’s wearing diamond bracelets, diamond rings and a diamond watch while his hand is resting on the steering wheel of a Rolls Royce. He also captioned his “Diamond battles.” He just couldn’t add the “with @KylieJenner.” That round goes to PND!

Diamond battles with @kyliejenner 💎

A photo posted by PND (@partyomo) on

Cara Delevingne was trying to board the train from Paris to London yesterday when security pulled her for a random luggage check. She completely lost her temper, swearing at the security staff and dropping to her knees to pray out loud that she would be allowed to board the train. Cara was hauled off to the interrogation room where she was held for an hour before she finally apologized for her bratty behavior. She was then allowed to get on the train.


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