The legends we lost… Taylor Swift’s BFF Todrick Hall raised eyebrows… Talk show starring Nick Cannon… Armie Hammer’s estranged wife breaks silence… and Cardi B & Channing Tatum in The Bodyguard?

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We lost a couple of Hollywood legends this week. Award-winning actress and icon Cicely Tyson passed away yesterday at the age of 96. She was first discovered by a photographer for “Ebony” and became a successful fashion model, but then in 1951 she landed her first acting role and never looked back. Cicely never retired. In fact, just last year she wrapped up her role as Ophelia – the mother of Viola Davis’ Annalise Keating on “How To Get Away with Murder.” This week, her latest book Just As I Am: A Memoir was published, which we should all add to our reading lists. And Cloris Leachman – also an award-winning actress – passed away this week at the age of 94. Cloris was best known for playing Phyllis on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” back in the 70s, but just like Cicely Tyson, Cloris never retired. In fact, do you remember when she competed on “Dancing With the Stars” at the age of 82?? Most recently, you would recognize her as the voice of Gran in “The Croods” movies, and she’s got 2 movies in post-production.

One of Taylor Swift’s bffs got Swifties all fired up about having something up her sleeve. Yesterday, Todrick Hall tweeted, “I have this theory that Taylor doesn’t sleep, like I legit believe she stays up all night, drops musical genius while everyone’s sleeping and then sits by the fire with her cats and Joe giggling while the world tries to figure out what just happened.” Is he just referring to her two surprise albums and not anything in particular? Is he talking about the new playlist she created? (It’s just a playlist of previously released songs, so nothing crazy.) Later, Todrick tweeted, “I don’t know anything, I just saw her post tonight and started thinking of what she might be whipping up in her bop kitchen…I’m just as excited as everyone else in the world. Re-fell in love with ‘Delicate’ yesterday, that song gives me butterflies. K, goodnight!”

Last June Nick Cannon made some anti-Semitic and anti-white comments on his podcast. As a result, he MTV fired him from his own show, “Wild ’N Out” and the talk show he was supposed to launch back in September was shelved. After apologizing, Nick was allowed to keep his job hosting “The Masked Singer,” and now he’s getting a second chance at launching that talk show this fall. Nick released a statement saying, “It’s been a longtime dream of mine to host my own daytime talk show and that I’m able to do this in New York City, bringing daytime television back to the place that has fostered generations of talent, is very special to me.”

Armie Hammer’s estranged wife has remained silent for several weeks as this whole cannibal scandal has been unfolding. Elizabeth Chambers was married to Armie for about 10 years and have two children together, but they’ve been going through an ugly divorce. Well! Elizabeth finally spoke out for the first time last night. Celebrity gossip site Just Jared posted on Instagram that Armie’s director from “Call Me By Your Name” and his co-star in that movie Timothée Chalamet are teaming up for a cannibal love story movie. Elizabeth commented, “No. Words.” The movie is called “Bones and All.” It’s about a woman who goes on a cross-country trip to find the father she’s never met because she’s trying to understand why she has the urge to kill and eat the people who love her.

I’m making this the number one story because this is my Showbiz Top 5 and I want this to be true!! A remake of the 1992 classic “The Bodyguard” has been in the works for nearly 10 years, but it has never gotten off the ground. The original starred Whitney Houston as a pop star who falls in love with her bodyguard, played by Kevin Costner. A new rumor says the remake will star…………wait for it……….Cardi B and Channing Tatum!! This rumor was started by an Instagram celebrity gossip account called DeuxMoi that posts anonymous tips from people in Hollywood. According to the anonymous source, “The Bodyguard” remake would be based on something that actually happened to Cardi in real life. Apparently, she had to change her security team in the middle of a tour because of gun laws made them possible felons.

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