Zachery Ty Bryan accused of strangling girlfriend… Jamie Lynn Spears teases reunion… Billy McFarland’s podcast… Adele on SNL… and Cardi B is revealing why she took Offset back

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Remember “Home Improvement” star Zachery Ty Bryan? He played Tim “the Toolman” Taylor’s oldest son Brad. Zachary was a bit overshadowed by Jonathan Taylor Thomas, but he did have his fair share of coverage in “Tiger Beat” and his posters hung on some bedroom walls. But Zachary hasn’t acted in over a decade, and other than residual checks, I’m not quite sure how he’s been supporting himself. But none of that matters now because a few weeks ago, Zachary separated from his wife after 13 years of marriage. And over the weekend, he was arrested after allegedly strangling his girlfriend outside his apartment in Eugene, Oregon.

“Zoey 101” ran on Nickelodeon from 2005-2008. Shortly after wrapping its fourth season, then 16-year-old Jamie Lynn Spears — who played Zoey — found herself pregnant and the show was over. Yesterday, a now 29-year-old Jamie Lynn posted on her Instagram, “WE’RE BACK! ARE YOU READY?!” She tagged her costars Sean Flynn (Chase), Erin Sanders (Quinn), Matthew Underwood (Logan) and Chris Massey (Michael), who all shared the same announcement. But what exactly are they announcing? A cast reunion on Zoom? A reboot of the show? We’ll wait.

Billy McFarland is serving 6 years in federal prison for conning people out of millions of dollars in the fake Fyre Festival. Tomorrow, he’s launching a podcast called “Dumpster Fyre,” which is made up of 15-minute phone call conversations recorded during visitation. Billy says he hopes his podcast will help pay off some of the $26M he owes in restitution.

This weekend Adele will host “Saturday Night Live,” with musical guest. H.E.R. In making the announcement, Adele didn’t drop any hint that she might sing, but she will, right?? Adele did say, though, “Bloooooody hellllll I’m so excited about this!! And also absolutely terrified! My first-ever hosting gig and for SNL of all things!!!! I’ve always wanted to do it as a stand-alone moment so that I could roll up my sleeves and fully throw myself into it, but the time has never been right. But if there was ever a time for any of us to jump headfirst into the deep end with our eyes closed and hope for the best it’s 2020 right?” She went on to say, “It’ll be almost 12 years to the day that I first appeared on the show, during an election…which went on to break my career in America, so it feels full circle and I just couldn’t possibly say no!”

After getting trolled one time too many for taking Offset back, Cardi B has deleted her Twitter. But before she did, Cardi had a few things to say. Cleaning it up for our delicate ears, Cardi explained, “If I take a break from (Offset) and I decide to work things out, that’s regular relationship (stuff). If I want to go to an extreme to teach (Offset) a lesson and file for divorce, I can do that. It’s my life.” On her Instagram Live, she explained she deleted her Twitter after “a whole bunch of 15-year-olds telling me how to live my life like I’m Ariana Grande or something. Like I came from Disney or something…..I love my fans and I’m thankful and I’m grateful for everything you do, but some of you really be acting like I sleep with ya.”

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