Cardi B & Offset Finally Had Their Baby Girl!

Two arrests for murder of XXXTentacion… LeBron James’s comedy… Shaquille O’Neal has a side hustle… Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin goes to jeweler… and Cardi B & Offset finally had their baby girl!

There have now been two arrests in the murder of XXXTentacion. Florida police say 22-year-old Michael Boatwright is one of the two gunmen who robbed and killed the rapper on June 18. Boatwright had been arrested on July 5 on unrelated drug charges and was served this arrest warrant in jail. They’re still looking for the other gunman. Police also arrested 22-year-old Dedrick Williams, who is suspected of driving the SUV that blocked XXX from leaving the motorcycle dealership where he was murdered.

LeBron James just signed a 4-year $154 million contract to play with the Lakers, but apparently, he is feeling stifled creatively. Reportedly, he’s in early talks to co-produce and star in an untitled comedy that was just sold to Paramount Players. This would be his second movie appearance. Remember, he played himself in Amy Schumer’s movie, “Trainwreck.”

Shaquille O’Neal has a side hustle. He performs at parties as DJ Diesel! And he’s got a gig this Saturday night at the HQ2 nightclub in Atlantic City. But there’s one problem with that. Shaq is 7’1” and too big for the DJ booth. At first, the club owner wanted to take the roof off the booth, but it was made of solid steel and would’ve been extremely expensive. So they went with Plan B — lower the floor! Page Six says a crew of carpenters has been working non-stop to get it ready for DJ Diesel’s arrival, which will by by helicopter, by the way.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin popped back into Pristine Jewelers in NYC so her 7-carat oval-cut diamond engagement ring could be resized. While they were there, Hailey bought a diamond encrusted ring with the initials JB, but it’s for Justin to wear, not her. For herself, Hailey bought a diamond ring that says “Baby.” Justin decided to get a little something special for himself, and went with a 33-carat diamond encrusted Patek Philippe watch.

Cardi B and Offset have finally had their baby girl! Little Kulture Kiari Cephus was born on Tuesday. Cardi let Offset name her, and he basically named her after himself. His real name is Kiari Kendall Cephus. And his group Migos’ has two albums, “Culture” and “Culture II.” So there you go. And because babies make everybody all gooey inside, Nicki Minaj has decided to let bygones be bygones and sent Cardi a $5000 girly gift basic from the luxury baby boutique, Petit Tresor.


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