Cardi B Takes Over For Alexa

Charlie Walk harassment accusation… “House of Cards” brings Diane Lane & Greg Kinnear… Jim Carrey cleared of charges… Leslie Jones’ emotional moment… and Cardi B takes over for Alexa

After a woman claimed “The Four” judge Charlie Walk groped and harassed her for years while they worked together at Sony Music, he was suspended from his current job at Republic Records. The company has hired a law firm to investigate these claims. In the meantime, two more women have come forward to claim they were sexually harassed by Charlie. In light of all these accusations — which Charlie denies — Charlie will not appear on the season finale of “The Four,” which is scheduled to tape tomorrow. He says he made the decision out of respect for everyone involved. He released a statement saying, “I do not want my presence to be a distraction. Needless to say this is very upsetting. Although I continue to support the ‘Me Too’ movement, there has been an extreme rush to judgment against me in this particular case which is unfair and inconsistent with anything that even actually happened. I welcome any investigation so that in short order these unfounded and hurtful accusations can be put to rest.” Meantime, Charlie will appear on tonight’s episode, which was taped last week.

Production on “House of Cards” was suspended after all the sexual assault allegations against its star Kevin Spacey. But Netflix promised the show will go on for a sixth and final season. Production has finally resumed on the series, which will now focus on Frank Underwood’s wife, Claire, played by Robin Wright. They’ve also added Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear to the cast.

Jim Carrey has been cleared of playing any part in his ex-girlfriend’s suicide. Cathriona White’s father and her estranged mother sued Jim, claiming he gave their daughter STDs and provided the drugs she used to take her life almost 2 and a half years ago. However, Jim’s lawyer was able to prove that Cathriona forged a friend’s old medical records from Planned Parenthood to make it look like she had no STDs before she met Jim, told Jim he infected her, and then said she’d tell the press unless he gave her millions of dollars. The lawsuit has now been dismissed.

Leslie Jones was having a very emotional moment in the gym the other day. She posted a mirror selfie and captioned it, “Ok back to cardio. But confession I feel like I’m doing it for nothing. I know it not I’m healthy and look good but I really feel like ‘what’s it all for’ if the people you want to notice don’t. I just feel like I might die alone. Sorry that’s pretty heavy today!!” Celebrities really ARE just like us! But her comments are being flooded with messages of support and encouragement, so hopefully that’s lifted her up. We’re excited that Leslie will be covering the Winter Olympics in South Korea for NBC! She was invited to help cover the Rio games in 2016 after people started following her live tweets and running commentary on the summer games.

Heading into the Super Bowl, what does Patriots quarterback Tom Brady listen to to get his head right? In an interview with ESPN, Tom says his playlist includes Coldplay, U2, Pearl Jam and Kendrick Lamar. But the song for when he walks out on the field at home games? Jay-Z’s “Public Service Announcement.” And besides football, everybody’s looking forward to the commercials this Sunday. We can’t wait to see the commercial for Amazon Echo because in the spot, Alexa loses her voice, so Gordon Ramsay, Rebel Wilson, Anthony Hopkins and Cardi B take over for her.

Alexa found some replacements.


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