Elliot Stabler returns… Dolly Parton’s bedtime reading series… Lindsay Lohan is back… Bethenny Frankel’s donation… and Cardi B throws “Tiger King” Joe Exotic to the lions

When one of his followers tweeted, “@Chris_Meloni sir can you pls confirm you’re coming back as stabler so we can all sleep easy for the first night since quarantine began??!!!?” Chris responded, “Sleep tight.” All you “Law & Order: SVU” fans will be thrilled to find out that Elliot Stabler is getting his own spinoff. Det. Stabler left “Law & Order” at the end of Season 12 — which was almost 10 years ago — and he hasn’t been seen or heard from since…until now! NBC has ordered 13 episodes of whatever they’re calling this thing. The original “Law & Order: SVU” is currently in its 21st season and has been renewed for at least 3 more.

Who DOESN’T love Dolly Parton?? Even if you don’t particularly care for some of her music, you can’t NOT love her! Dolly established her Imagination Library back in 1995 to give free books to the poor children in the community where she grew up, and since then, it’s expanded all over the world. Now Dolly is doing something really cool for children (and adults!!) during this time of self-quarantine. Starting tomorrow night at 8pm ET/ 7pm CT, Dolly will be reading us bedtime stories on the Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library YouTube channel! Each week, Dolly will read us a story from a book approved by her Imagination Library, and we’re promised 10 books. But if this thing takes off, maybe Dolly will read to us forever!!!

Earlier this year, Lindsay Lohan said she was moving back to the US and she promised an album would be coming. Is it finally happening? Yesterday, Lindsay deleted everything from her Instagram and posted just one video of spliced together news clips and videos of her dancing. She captioned it, “I’m back.” That’s all we got. What a tease…

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Im back! 👀

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More celebrities are donating to various causes in the battle against Coronavirus. Rihanna and Jay-Z each donated a million dollars through their foundations to organizations in NY and LA to support the homeless, the elderly, the children of healthcare workers, the incarcerated and undocumented workers. And like her or not, Bethenny Frankel gets things done! Her BStrong foundation raised money and delivered one million full body biohazard suits to the New York State Government and New York Department Of Health. She is also planning on delivering one million masks to medical professionals.

Cardi B WAS Joe Exotic’s number one fan. In fact, she was so #TeamTigerKing that she jokingly said she wanted to start a GoFundMe to get him freed from prison. But one 17-second clip has changed all that. Someone found a video of Joe Exotic complaining that he’s not allowed to use the N-word. He ranted, “What’s goin’ in this country is absolutely pathetic. I can’t say the N-word, but you can get on YouTube and watch any black man’s rap video and they’re callin’ each other the N-word. What the hell is this discrimination on why I can’t say the n-word and they can.” Cardi B saw it and responded, “Ooooo heeeeiiiiillllllllll naaawwww …….Feed him to the lions immediately”

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