Diddy Sued by Ex Cassie

‘ELF’ returns to theaters… Trending dog name… Artists agreed to collaborate… Ariana Grande & Ethan Slater together… and Cassie just filed a lawsuit against Diddy

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In celebration of its 20th anniversary, Elf is being re-released in theaters starting today! It actually debuted on Nov. 7, 2003, but this is close enough. As we have learned over the years, the role of Buddy the Elf was originally written for Jim Carrey. But in the 10 years it took to get the movie from script to filming, Jim had dropped out and the role with to Will Ferrell. Director Jon Favreau originally considered Chevy Chase for the role of Papa Elf, but Will reportedly said no because Chevy was the worst host he’d ever worked with during his time on SNL. That role went to Bob Newhart. And Wanda Sykes was supposed to play the Gimbel’s store manager, but for whatever reason she backed out at the last minute. Faizon Love took over the role, but he insisted on wearing a “Wanda” name tag!

You simply cannot deny the Taylor Swift effect when it comes to pretty much everything. Now Rover.com says Kelce has become THE most popular dog name in the US, rising 135 percent since Taylor and Travis Kelce began dating a couple months ago. Other athletes whose names are growing in popularity among dog owners are Trae, after the Atlanta Hawks star Trae Young, and Nikola, after the Denver Nuggets MVP and NBA champ Nikola Jokic.

A lot of artists think artificial intelligence is of the devil. Others are saying, if you can’t beat it, you might as well embrace it! Demi Lovato, John Legend, Charlie Puth, Charli XCX, Sia, T-Pain, and Troye Sivan are among some of the artists allowing people to manipulate their voices using A.I. YouTube has a new feature called Dream Tracks, where you can pick an artist, enter what you want them to sing about, and A.I. will create a track for you up to 30 seconds long that you can use in your own video. As of right now, Dream Track is available only to a select group of content creators.

Back in December of last year, Ariana Grande met Ethan Slater on the set of Wicked and it would change the course of their lives and their marriages. By July, we found out that Ariana’s marriage to Dalton Gomez was over and Ethan was abandoning his wife and newborn baby so that they could be together. Allegedly. They both say they didn’t hook up until after their marriages were over. Now Ariana and Ethan are living together in NYC because he’s starring in the Broadway musical Spamalot, which had its opening night last night. Ariana was mobbed by fans for photos and autographs as she showed up to support her little man, who claims to be 5’7” but if he lies about when he and Ariana started hooking up, he’ll lie about that, too. And while paparazzi caught photos of fans excited to see Ariana, things aren’t quite as nice online. Ariana and Ethan tested the waters of going Instagram official when their Broadway buddy Andrew Rannells posted a photo of them on his account, buried three deep in a slide show. Comments included, “Naw I can’t support this” and “We are celebrating homewreckers???” There was also, “I have zero respect for people who think it’s okay to go after someone married especially with a baby, and also those who support it.”

Cassie has filed a lawsuit against Diddy, and it may be shocking to us, but apparently not those who are close to the situation. Cassie — whose real name is Casandra Ventura — filed a lawsuit yesterday claiming that for ten years, Diddy abused her physically and sexually, and that there were plenty of people who worked for Diddy and witnessed some of the abuse, but kept quiet out of fear of losing their jobs. Diddy’s lawyer says these allegations are “offensive and outrageous.” In fact, he accuses Cassie of blackmail, claiming she demanded $30M not to write a damaging book about their relationship, and when Diddy refused, she filed this lawsuit. There are a lot of truly disgusting accusations in her lawsuit, but here’s one that was literally explosive. Cassie claims that at one point during her relationship with Diddy, she secretly started seeing Kid Cudi. When Diddy found out, Cassie said he became enraged and warned her that he was going to blow up Kid Cudi’s car. About that same time, Kid Cudi’s car exploded in his driveway, and his rep told the New York Times that Cassie’s claims are all true. Cassie is getting more support from Aubrey O’Day, who was part of Diddy’s girl group Dannity Kane. She posted on her IG Story, “Been trynna tell y’all for years. Prayers up for this queen @cassie.”


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