“Dancing With the Stars” update… Nicki Minaj disrespects Liz Hernandez… Forbes list of the highest earning celebrities under 30… Halle Berry took Gabriel Aubry back to court… and Celebrity reactions on Twitter about Ferguson

SPOILER ALERT:  On last night’s “Dancing With the Stars,” it was YouTube star Bethany Mota who was sent home, leaving Alfonso Ribeiro, Sadie Robertson and Janel Parrish dancing in tonight’s finale.

“Access Hollywood” reporter Liz Hernandez was on the red carpet for the AMA’s and apparently Nicki Minaj was being her usual ornery self. She didn’t like it when the subject of Iggy Azalea was brought up and unleashed her “Nicki-ness” on Liz. But Liz ain’t scared of no retaliation because she tweeted, “Never in the workplace has someone been so disrespectful to me as Nicki Minaj yesterday. I feel embarrassed to have supported her as a fan.”

Forbes magazine is out with their list of the highest earning celebrities under 30. Justin Bieber tops this year’s list with $80 million. One Direction came in second with $75 million, but they’ve got to split that five ways…And coming in third place was Taylor Swift with $64 million. But with her world tour coming up, look for her to move up on the list next year!

Halle Berry took her ex, Gabriel Aubry, back to court, accusing him of trying to make their daughter white! She says Gabriel has been straightening and lightening Nahla’s hair in an effort to deny her African-American heritage. Gabriel told Halle he hadn’t touched Nahla’s hair, so she sent her daughter’s hair off to a lab for testing!!!! The judge just told both parents to leave Nahla’s hair alone.

A grand jury outside Ferguson, Missouri declined to indict police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown. With this being the Showbiz Top 5 we have to check celebrity reactions on Twitter. Russell Simmons tweeted,  “the D.A never represented the people properly. He never wanted an indictment. violent ones in the streets are likely those who didn’t vote.” Charlie Sheen had strong words for the police officer, “Officer Wilson, You are a murderer. Shame on you. Parents are NOT supposed to bury their children. You think about that…#Losing.”  Gabrielle Union said, “Heavy heart, angry soul… we matter. ALL our lives matter. Hear us, feel us, respect us… ALL.” And from the other side of the world, Katy Perry tweeted, “Feeling stuck all the way over here in Sydney seeing the news just now… Sending my prayers to Ferguson & praying for an equal America.” Want to know what Cher thinks? She tweeted, “Have problem re decision not 2bring 2 trial, Police who shot young man near St.Louis.Something must b done 2 protect innocent young blk men. Having said that, Violence is NOT the ANSWER ! VOTE 2Change State Laws. There Must b Change in Attitude & BALANCE In Police & Lawmakers!” From Pharrell: “I’m heartbroken over the news of no indictment in Ferguson. Let’s all pray for peace.” And finally, from Kevin Hart: “Not all cops are bad. Not all black people are criminals. And not all white people are racist. Stop labeling. It’s 2014 let’s get equal.”


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