Celebrity Twitter accounts hit by hackers

Janis Joplin house for sale… Nashville’s cliffhanger… Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik back together… Prince Harry and Ellie Goulding spotted ‘canoodling’… and Celebrity Twitter accounts hit by hackers

The house Janis Joplin lived in as a child is up for sale for half a million dollars. The home in Port Arthur, TX, is appraised at $52,500. Before it went up or sale, officials with the Museum of the Gulf Coast were contacted to see if they wanted it first. They took a pass. A museum official says not every house can be a museum.

Fans of “Nashville” went crazy nuts when the series ended with a huge cliffhanger and news that ABC had canceled the show. But now there is hope that “Nashville” will live another day! Which means fans will find out if Juliette Barnes lives another day, too! CMT is close to finalizing a deal that would bring back “Nashville” for a fifth season. It’s not clear if Hayden Panettiere — who plays Juliette — will be on board for the CMT version of the show, but she is still under contract.

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik were pretty much back together the minute the news hit that they’d broken up. But now it’s officially confirmed that they are a couple again. However, a source told “Us Weekly” they could be done again in an hour. A second source says personality clashes are the root of the problem for these two. “He wants to stay home and hang out, but she loves the limelight. She loves attention and he hates it. An introvert and an extrovert; we all saw it coming.”

Prince Harry and Ellie Goulding reportedly have been friends for years, but now it looks like it’s developed into something a little more sexy. According to sources, the two of them were all over each other at a polo match recently, which had a no cameras policy so there’s no evidence that any of this took place. But one source told The Sun that the two of them spent a lot of time sitting together under blankets and shared a kiss before Harry had to leave.

Twitter support says they’re working to find out who’s behind this flurry of celebrity hacks, but are they REALLY? This is the most anyone’s talked about Twitter for quite some time. And it’s interesting this all started happening about a week after it was reported that Snapchat surpassed Twitter in daily usage. First it started with Katy Perry and then Drake, Kylie Jenner, Lana Del Ray, Mark Zuckerberg, Cody Simpson, Chelsea and Chelsea Handler were all hit. The worst were the hackers who got into accounts and tweeted that celebrities like Jack Black, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Justin Bieber had all died. They’re all alive and well,  by the way.


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