Showbiz Top 5: Charlie Hunnam left Fifty Shades of Grey because he was denied script approval

The Real Housewives of New Jersey update…Timbaland’s wife files for divorce…Kanye West tells Kim Kardashian ‘I Don’t Want To Marry You!’…Jennifer Lopez’s longtime assistant quit to work for Mariah Carey… and Charlie Hunnam left Fifty Shades of Grey because he was denied script approval.

RadarOnline has confirmed the lineup for the next season of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.” Caroline Manzo confirmed in her blog that she’s out. She’s still with the Bravo family, filming a pilot starring her own family. But in a shocking move, Jacqueline Laurita isn’t coming back. She and Teresa Giudice managed to put their friendship back together, but she and her husband are being sued for that fight that broke out on the season finale and I guess she figured enough is enough. But Teresa is back. Sources say she didn’t even negotiate, she just took what Bravo offered her because she needs the money to keep coming in while she and her husband, Juicy Joe, go to court to fight fraud charges. Teresa’s enemy — her sister-in-law Melissa Gorga — is coming back, while Teresa’s cousin, Kathy Wakile, is being demoted to a part-time role. However, Kathy’s sister Rosie is so popular, she’s finally going to get a paycheck for being on the show! And we’ll meet three new women next season, but if I tell you their names, it doesn’t matter at this point…..

Timbaland’s wife has filed for divorce and she is asking for a whole bunch of cash. Monique Mosley not only wants Timbaland to pay child support for their 5-year-old daughter, she also wants him to foot the bill for her 10-year-old son from a previous relationship. She says she deserves child support for her son because Timbaland has”publicly and privately proclaimed this child as his own.” So she says that shouldn’t change once their divorced, right?  Monique is also asking for alimony, life insurance, private school, vacation, summer camps and other expenses. Oh yeah, she also had to borrow money to hire a lawyer, so she wants Timbaland to pay for her divorce attorney, too. 

Kim Kardashian finally got divorced from Kris Humphries right before her baby with Kanye West was born. But here we are four months later, and it doesn’t look like these two are getting any closer to walking down the aisle. is reporting that’s because Kanye has made it very clear that he has no interest in getting married because it’s outdated and he’s all about embracing the new. In fact, Kanye prefers the idea of them being “partners.” And Kim seems to be going along with him on that, at least for now.

As if losing your boy toy isn’t bad enough, Jennifer Lopez also lost her right arm — her personal assistant! Even though she hasn’t confirmed anything, sources say Jennifer dumped Casper Smart. But sources say he’s the reason that JLo’s assistant Gilly Iyer was so miserable. Casper treated Gilly like she was his assistant, too, and insisted on being called Mr. Smart. So she left Jennifer to work for Jermaine Dupri, who recently joined Mariah Carey’s management team. So basically, Gilly went from working for one diva to working for an even bigger one.

We’re finding out even more about why Charlie Hunnam really left the “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie. Charlie is actually a writer, as well, and he made some notes to the script, submitted them to the director and asked for further script approval. The director said no, and that’s when Charlie walked. But it’s not like he was walking away from a huge payday. Are you surprised to find out that he was only getting $125K to play Christian Grey?? Still no replacement yet, and filming is set to begin in 3 weeks.

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