Chris Brown is accused of beating a man

The Kardashians new deal with major retailer… Ryan Gosling eats his cereal… Nicole Richie and Joel Madden’s trial separation… Bad blood between Wendy Williams and NeNe Leakes… and Chris Brown is accused of beating a man

The Kardashians are ending their relationship with Sears. Sources told TMZ that the family thinks Sears is a sinking ship and they want off. Sears struck a deal with the Kardashians in 2011 and their clothing and jewelry line has done well. But overall, Sears is losing money and closing stores, and the Kardashians don’t think this is a stable situation. TMZ is reporting that the family made a new deal with another major retailer that should be announced soon.

Ryan Gosling has finally eaten his cereal. Ryan McHenry became a Vine star posting videos that made it look like Ryan Gosling was refusing to eat his cereal, using the videos to highlight his struggle with osteocarcoma, a type of bone cancer. Over the weekend, Ryan McHenry lost his battle. He was only 27. To pay his respects, Ryan Gosling posted his own Vine and yes, he eats his cereal. He also tweeted that his heart goes out to Ryan McHenry’s family, and that he feels “very lucky to have been a part of his life in some small way.”

She hasn’t been seen wearing her wedding ring multiple times over the past few weeks and now this. Eight moving trucks showed up at Nicole Richie and Joel Madden’s house over the weekend. Sources told that the couple is going through a trial separation but “divorce is imminent.” The source says the passion fizzled out a few years ago and they’ve been living like roommates. For the sake of the kids, they tried counseling, but the source says Joel refuses to admit he’s done anything wrong and isn’t willing to work on their problems. Nicole finally had enough and told him to move out. The source says, “Ultimately, Nicole is done. And unless Joel really grows up and puts forth the effort divorce is imminent.” Joel and Nicole were married in 2010 and have two kids, 7-year-old Harlow and 4-year-old Sparrow.

The setting was The Ultimate Women’s Expo, billed as the country’s largest event designed for active women in Atlanta, and both Wendy Williams and NeNe Leakes were among those scheduled to speak Sunday. But apparently there is VERY bad blood between these two former friends. When Wendy’s manager husband Kevin found out NeNe’s dressing room was right next door, he demanded that NeNe be moved as far away as possible. Then Wendy was scheduled to speak first. She talked about the ten rules every woman should live by. Right after she finished, it was NeNe’s turn to take the stage. She opened by saying, “I’m your home girl! I live my life as an open book and I’m happy I don’t need ten rules to live by!” That sent Wendy’s husband through the roof. Reportedly, Kevin pushed through the curtains and tried to get onto the stage, cussing at the top of his lungs for NeNe to get off the stage and demanding that her microphone be turned off. That’s when NeNe’s best friend jumped up and got in Kevin’s face, yelling, “If you have a problem with NeNe, take it up with me!” The two of them reportedly stood there off the side while NeNe gave her presentation, apparently unaware of what was going on behind the scenes. Finally security broke them up and Kevin went back to his wife, Wendy, who was set up in a separate area signing copies of her book. He told her to stop signing because they were leaving NOW and the people waiting in line started booing.

Chris Brown is accused of beating up somebody new. Las Vegas police say a man claims that he was playing basketball with Chris at the Palms Casino Resort when they got into an argument. The man claims Chris punched him and then, just when he was about to defend himself, one of Chris’ buddies hit him, too. The man took himself to the hospital where he was treated and released. Police say they haven’t been able to locate Chris to talk to him but they’ve given him the option to sign off on a misdemeanor battery citation. If he doesn’t, the case will be turned over to the DA’s office. BTW, signing off on the citation isn’t an admission of guilt. It’s just an acknowledgement of the accusation. So far, the case is still under investigation.


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