Chris Brown’s Accuser Sent A Sketchy Text Message

Season two of “Stranger Things”… Taylor Swift’s silent donation… Brooklyn Beckham & Chloe Grace Moretz broke up… Tyga & Kylie Jenner clear things up… and Chris Brown’s accuser sent a sketchy text message

Netflix has officially ordered season two of “Stranger Things,” but we’re only getting nine episodes. A few details about season two have been leaked, so if you’re still watching season one, I’m sorry if this spoils anything for you! Season two will be set in 1984 and while most of our favorite characters are coming back, Eleven might not be one of them. Show creators Matt and Ross Duffer say they’re not sure what they’re going to do with her just yet. We do know they’re adding four new characters and that we will get to see the Upside Down again because the portal is still open.

Jaime King got a letter in the mail and wanted to share it with all of us. It was from Cedars-Sinai and it was letting her know that her best friend Taylor Swift made a donation to the hospital in honor of Jaime’s son’s first birthday. Jaime revealed that when her son was 20 weeks old, he was diagnosed with a condition that led to him having major heart surgery. Jaime said, “@taylorswift does so many selfless acts that go unnoticed because she does them silently, from such a great place of unconditional giving. As the Godmother of Leo Thames for his birthday she gave an incredible donation to the people that saved his life Dr. Allistar Phillips and his brilliant team….(Taylor) came to the ICU to comfort us, to hold and bond with him with such grace & strength. Our gift back is to share our story that anyone that is going through this is not alone…..Leo Thames is the strongest, healthiest boy because of this team. He will live a full and whole life & never have to look back. Thank you Taylor & to EVERYONE listed on this letter we love you. With gratitude and humbleness 💜 Jaime and Kyle”

Brooklyn Beckham’s heart is hurting. He and Chloe Grace Moretz have broken up. The two of them first met at a SoulCycle class two years ago and, according to Chloe, dated on and off until they finally decided to become an official couple over the summer.

Yesterday we heard that Tyga picked up Kylie Jenner in his Ferrari and took her to a Bentley dealership. But while they were checking out Bentleys, the repo man popped up and took off in Tyga’s car. But Kylie went on Snapchat to let us know that is not at all what happened. She said, “So fake stories came out today. The blogs almost ruined it and said me and T were at the Bentley dealership when really it was only me.” And the reason Kylie says she was there was to buy a new Bentley for Tyga, who was left speechless by her gift. dly taken away. The couple did not address whether the repossession part of the site’s report was true or not.

Baylee Curran claims Chris Brown pointed a gun at her head and kicked her out of his house, which led to his arrest. But a man named Safari has come forward claiming that Baylee texted him that she was going to lie about the whole gun thing to get even with Chris for kicking her out. TMZ says they’ve seen a copy of the text, but they have no way of authenticating it. Safari also told TMZ that Baylee stole his Rolex last year and he hasn’t spoken with her since, so he’s not sure why she texted him.


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