Chris Brown’s daughter, Royalty, joins him on tour bus

Ryan Seacrest adds another job to his list… Michael Jackson’s son Blanket changes his name… “The Unauthorized Beverly Hills, 90210 Story”… Janet Jackson is going on tour… and Chris Brown’s daughter, Royalty, joins him on tour bus

Because Ryan Seacrest just can’t have too many jobs, he is now the executive producer and host of a new reality series called “Knock Knock Live,” which debuts July 21 on FOX. So what happens is….Ryan and his team will travel across the country, surprising people by knocking on their front doors and giving them a chance to win big cash prizes while meeting their favorite celebrities. For instance, you could answer your front door to find an NBA star standing there challenging you to a little one-on-one or there could be a pop star performing in your front yard. What you need to do is nominate someone you know (or get someone you know to nominate you!) at

He was born Michael Jackson Jr., but his daddy called him Blanket. Well, Blanket is now 13-years-old and, according to, after years of bullying about his name, he’s decided to change his nickname to Bigi, which is of German origin and means “idealistic, sensitive and inspirational.” A source says, “He always thought the name Blanket sounded so stupid and resented his father for calling him that.” So before Blanket entered 7th grade at his new school, he decided to be Bigi and that’s what he’ll be called from now on.

Lifetime already gave us “The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story” and they’re giving us “The Unauthorized Full House Story” on August 22. But get ready! Because coming soon, we’re getting Lifetime’s “The Unauthorized Beverly Hills, 90210 Story”!!!  The show aired from October of 1990 to May of 2000, but the network announced that their made-for-TV movie will focus on the first four seasons of “90210,” highlighting the drama between the cast members and the producers on and off the set.

At first, I thought she was only giving us new music, but now Janet Jackson has announced she’s going on tour! But her “Unbreakable World Tour” is breaking my heart! Janet kicks off her tour on August 31 in Vancouver, and then hits major cities like Charlotte, Miami, Atlanta, Nashville, New Orleans, Vegas, LA, and Chicago before finally wrapping up in Honolulu on November 12. WHAT?!?! No stops in Texas??? No love for New York City??? Will dates be added to the tour or will I have to travel to see Miss Jackson, ’cuz I’m nasty?

Chris Brown is finally taking one of his relationships seriously — the one with his daughter, Royalty. In fact, Chris stopped to pick up his baby girl in Houston and he’s taking her on the road with him for a few tour stops. And while baby is on board, Chris has rules for all the members of his crew. No cursing. No smoking. No drinking. And — most importantly — no groupies!! Chris has loaded up his bus with Disney DVD’s, including “Frozen” and “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.” And when it’s nap time for Royalty, it’s lights out for everybody.


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