Christina Aguilera’s diva behavior on “The Voice”

Weekend box office news… Real Housewives of New York wants money… Ciara’s birthday surprise… Jimmy Fallon’s bad luck… and Christina Aguilera’s diva behavior on “The Voice”

Every new movie out this weekend flopped. Neither “Rock the Kasbah” nor “Jem and Holograms” opened in the top ten, earning $1.5 million and $1.3 million respectively. “The Martian” took reclaimed the top spot, earning another $15.9 million. It was followed closely by “Goosebumps” with $15.5 million. Tom Hanks’ “Bridge of Spies” was third with $11.4 million. Two other big disappointments — Vin Diesel’s “The Last Witch Hunter” had a $75 million production budget but took in only $$10.8 million for fourth place. And “Steve Jobs” was a flop with $7.3 million and a 7th place finish.

Three Real Housewives of New York are refusing to film until they get paid Bethenny Frankel money! The rumor is that Bethenny came back to the show after they agreed to pay her over a million dollars. Sonja Morgan, Ramona Singer, and LuAnn de Lesseps think they’re worth just as much and they’re holding out. But sources told Page Six that this could end up backfiring on them because Bethenny has a long list of friends she can find to replace them.

Russell Wilson threw Ciara a surprise 30th birthday party on Saturday and it was MAJOR. She thought she was going to a movie premiere, but when she showed up at the Warner Brothers lot in Burbank, Russell was waiting for her dressed as Batman, standing by the Batmobile. He handed Ciara a Catwoman costume and a list of instructions, then whisked her off in the Batmobile to the Batman exhibit on the lot, where about 100 of her closest friends were waiting. They included Serena Williams, Kelly Rowland and Beyonce, who was dressed as Storm from the X-Men movies, by the way!

Jimmy Fallon was back in the hospital after another hand injury! Back in June, he almost lost his finger when he tripped and his wedding ring caught the kitchen counter. And on Saturday, Jimmy was being honored by the Harvard Lampoon when some girl kneeled down in front of him and caused Jimmy to trip and fall. Unfortunately, he was carrying a bottle of Jaegermeister, which shattered and cut his right hand! He went to the hospital for stitches but was able to make it back to the party.

“OK! Magazine” is reporting that the cast and crew of “The Voice” love Gwen Stefani to pieces and they’re already dreading the return of Christina Aguilera next season. While Gwen is easy breezy, sources say Christina is a huge diva and nobody wants to work with her. An insider from the set told the magazine, “She made outrageous food and scheduling demands and even had the upholstery on her chair customized to velvet.” And one time, Christina reportedly made everybody come in super early so she could wrap in time for a dinner date, but didn’t bother to show up herself until an hour after everyone else.


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