Selena Gomez to produce horror thriller… Luke Parker ordered to pay $100k… Richest self-made women… Cardi B’s nude… and Clare Crawley’s dramatic season has officially begun

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In movie news, Selena Gomez is developing a new horror movie she may produce and possibly star in called “Dollhouse.” It’s described as a psychological thriller “in the spirit of ‘Black Swan,’ only this would be set in the NY fashion scene. Chris Hemsworth will star in a new “Mad Max” origin story about Charlize Theron’s “Fury Road” character, Furiosa, but without Charlize. And we don’t know what role Chris would play, but it’s not Mad Max. And Channing Tatum will executive produce a new HBO limited series about the origins of Elon Musk’s SpaceX, which will tell the story of how Elon creates the company and his lifelong dream of making humanity a multi-planetary species. And by the way, Netflix has ended its 30-day free trial, if you need to do something about that.

Remember the villain Luke from Hannah Brown’s turn as the Bachelorette? He’s the one who insisted she not sleep with anyone else until marriage and she said Jesus loves her no matter who she sleeps with. Anyway. The company that produces “The Bachelorette” sued Luke for breach of contract. Anyone who appears on the show signs a contract that starts from the moment it’s signed until one year after the final episode of the season airs. Luke’s contract expired in July. However, NZK Productions said he violated the terms of the contract before it expired by making unauthorized media appearances and speaking negatively about the show. A judge has ordered Luke to pay $25K for each breach for a total of $100K.

“Forbes” is out with their annual list of America’s richest self-made women. Coming in first for the third year in a row is Diane Hendricks, a co-founder of ABC Supply, one of the largest US wholesale distributors of roofing, siding and windows. She’s worth $8B. Among some of the famous names we recognize, Oprah ranks 9th with a net worth of $2.6B. Kim Kardashian West is 24th with $780M and her baby sister Kylie Jenner is 29th with $700M. And their mom Kris Jenner ranks 92nd with a net worth of $190M!

Cardi B accidentally shared a topless photo on Instagram, which she quickly deleted. We all assumed it was meant as a DM for Offset. But it turns out, Offset was right there next to her when she did it. She explained later on her IG Live that she was leaning over taking the picture and accidentally pressed something and saw the picture was loading. She tried to turn off the phone, hoping it would stop the photo from posting, but it was too late. She said, “By the time I turn my phone on and deleted that s*** everybody and their mom saw.” Cardi added, “For like 30 minutes I was mad, but then again I’m like whatever. Because when I started hosting I showed by boobs all the time because I was a stripper…Everybody saw my (BLANKS).”

“The Bachelorette” is finally back with Clare Crawley as the star, at least for another week or two. Not a spoiler alert because they’re showing it in all the promos, but Clare leaves after deciding she found “the one” very early on and Tayshia Adams replaces her. We just don’t know which episode that transpires. The take-aways from week one? Clare freaked out, said everything went black and she couldn’t even remember what she said when Dale got out of the limo. She told Chris Harrison that she felt like she met her future husband. While he got her first impression rose, sweet Blake got Clare’s first kiss after she scolded him for breaking the rules by contacting her before filming began. And don’t be a tattle-tale. That’s what got West Virginia boy Tyler C. sent home.

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