Crowd Takes Over After Lewis Capaldi Struggles

TV update… Marilyn Manson’s ex-accuser makes claim… Adam Levine sues car dealer… Selena Gomez shows support… and Crowd takes over after Lewis Capaldi struggles

In streaming and TV news…HBO Max has given the green light to an “It” prequel series called “Welcome to Derry.” No word yet on whether Bill Skarsgard will be back as Pennywise. And “Lord of the Rings” fans will be happy to hear that the Warner Bros’ CEO told investors they’re planning to make MULTIPLE new movies based on the books. But he didn’t say if these would be all new movies or remakes of the original trilogy, which earned almost $6B at the box office. And Dana Carvey may dropping a hint about another “Wayne’s World” movie. He posted a photo of himself dressed up as Garth, painting a picture of Mike Myers as Wayne, who is modeling on a couch. It’s been a minute for these two! “Wayne’s World” and “Wayne’s World 2” came out in 1992 and 1993. And a couple of series are counting down their final days. HBO has announced “Succession” will end after its upcoming fourth season, which debuts next month. And ABC announced “The Goldbergs” will bite the dust after its current 10th season ends in May.

Several women have come forward to accuse Marilyn Manson of sexual assault, but one of them is taking it all back. Ashley Morgan Smithline has now told the court that her claims about Marilyn, whose legal name is Brian Hugh Warner, are not true. In her filing, Ashley said Evan Rachel Wood and “Game of Thrones” actress Esmé Bianco pressured her into making accusations after Evan convinced her that just because she couldn’t remember the assault “did not necessarily mean that it did not happen.” Ashley said, “While at first I new Mr. Warner did not do these things to me, eventually I began to question whether he actually did…Eventually, I started to believe that what I was repeatedly told happened to Ms. Wood and Ms. Bianco also happened to me.”

Back in 2021, Adam Levine got his hands on a rare classic car worth a ton of money….or so he thought. ….Adam is now suing the car dealer because the car turned out to be a fake! Adam claims he gave auto dealer Rick Cole two cars worth almost a million bucks, and in return, Rick wrote him a check for $100K and gave him a 1971 Maserati Ghibli 4.9 Liter Spyder. Only 25 of these vehicles were made and they’re worth about $1M each. Adam later had the car checked out by an expert — which maybe he should’ve done BEFORE the trade? — and that’s when he found out it was a fake. Adam is now suing Rick, believing he knew the car was a fake when he sold it to him. He’s seeking more than $850K in damages.

Another week, another social media soap opera of fans — do we call them fans? — seizing on the opportunity to stir up drama between Selena Gomez, Hailey Bieber, and Kylie Jenner. It’s too much to get into, but it started with laminated eyebrows and ended when someone posted a 2017 clip of Hailey hosting “Drop the Mic” and when Method Man said the upcoming battle would feature “the meanest lyrics about a celebrity since Taylor Swift’s last album,” Hailey rolled her eyes and pretended to stick her finger down her throat. Text over the video says, “THIS is the real Hailey Bieber” and called her a “mean girl” and “a bully.” Selena inserted herself into the drama, commenting, “So sorry, my best friend is & continues to be 1 of the best in the game.” So after the fallout from that, Selena went TikTok Live and told her fans, “I’m very happy. I’m so blessed. I have the best friends, the best fans in the whole world and I just couldn’t be happier…I’m good. I love who I am, I don’t care. I’m big, I’m not, I don’t care. I love who I am.” Then she dropped the bombshell that she’s taking yet another break from social media “because this is a little silly.” Selena explained, “I’m 30, I’m too old for this. But I love you guys so much, and I will see you guys sooner than later. I’m just gonna take a break from everything.”

Lewis Capaldi is absolutely hilarious, and he makes a lot of self-deprecating humor. I often wonder if he makes these jokes because of his Tourette’s syndrome, because we all know how cruel kids (and some grown a** adults) can be. He first opened up to us about it on Instagram Live last fall, saying, “The worst thing about it is when I’m excited, I get it; when I’m stressed, I get it; when I’m happy, I get it. It happens all the time. Some days it’s more painful than others and some days it’s less painful. It looks a lot worse than it is. Sometimes it’s quite uncomfortable … but it comes and goes.” Lewis was performing in Frankfurt, Germany, earlier this week when his Tourette’s kicked in right in the middle of his performance of “Someone You Loved.” A fan posted a video of the moment when Lewis’ tics kicked in and he couldn’t get the words out. That’s when the audience took over and sang the chorus for him.


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