Celebrity auction for THe Lung Transplant Project… Tyrese continues to battle in court… New accusations against Kevin Spacey… Taylor Swift has dropped another single… and Demi Lovato helps fans and gives away tickets

If you love Beyonce a little more than is considered normal, then THIS is for you. She’s auctioning off the wide-brimmed hat from her Formation tour to help raise money for The Lung Transplant Project, which has a goal of reducing transplant waiting list times. Pre-bidding is available now with the live bidding on Monday. They’re expecting the autographed hat get up to $2000 for it, but it’s going to go for WAY higher than that. Pharrell is also auctioning off a couple pairs of Adidas Originals. He autographed the first pair already but the second pair will be custom-made for the winning bidder. If you’re interested, go to HA.com and search “lung transplant.”

Tyrese and his ex-wife Norma continue to battle it out in court over their 10-year-old daughter Shayla. Norma wants a permanent restraining order because she claims Tyrese is violent and has spanked his daughter so hard that she couldn’t sit afterward. But it looks like Tyrese caught a break yesterday. The Blast is reporting that the LA County Department of Children and Family Services has closed their investigation and will not be seeking any criminal charges against him.

The flood gates have opened on House of Cards. At least 8 former and current employees on the set of the Netflix show have come forward with accusations against Kevin Spacey. Meantime, another man has come forward claiming that he had an intimate relationship with Kevin when he was 14 and Kevin was 24. In the wake of all these allegations, Kevin has been dropped by his talent agency, CAA.

Taylor Swift has dropped another single, “Call It What You Want.” It’s obviously about her new boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, but it looks like she’s also taking another swing at Kim and Kanye with these lyrics: “My castle crumbled overnight/ I brought a knife to a gunfight/ They took the crown but it’s alright/ All the liars are calling me one/ Nobody’s heard from me in months/ I’m doing better than I ever was.” We can assume she’s talking about Kim releasing her secret phone conversation with Kanye. But it looks like Joe has been helping her get through it. She sings, “All the drama queens taking swings / All the jokers dressing up as kings / They fade to nothing when I look at him/And I know I make the same mistakes every time / Bridges burn, I never learn / At least I did one thing right.”

Taylor Swift Drops Heartfelt New Single ‘Call It What You Want’

Sometimes it pays to complain! When Demi Lovato’s fans saw how high tickets were for her upcoming tour with DJ Khaled, a lot of them went on social media to complain about it. So Demi contacted her management, got a stack of tickets, and slipped into the DMs of 5 lucky fans letting them know they were getting freebies to her show.


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