“Mr. Peabody and Sherman” was #1 at the box office… Katy Perry has FIVE assistants… Drake told Rihanna to sever ties to Chris Brown… Lindsay Lohan gossip on taping her guest stint on “2 Broke Girls”… and Demi Lovato’s problem with Lady Gaga “glamorizing bulimia”

I guess a lot of kids were out for spring break because “Mr. Peabody and Sherman” was number one at the box office in its second week of release. It earned another $21.2 million for a combined $63.2 million so far. Still a ways to go to make up for the $145 million it cost to produce!!! Last weekend’s number one movie, “300:  Rise of an Empire,” dropped to second with $19.1 million. And the “Need for Speed” didn’t do as well as analysts expected, opening in third place with $17.8 million. Liam Neeson’s “Non-Stop” took fourth with $10.6 million and Tyler Perry’s “The Single Moms Club” debuted in fifth, with $8.3 million — his lowest opening weekend ever.

Katy Perry has so much going on in her life that she has FIVE assistants. And she loves what they do for her so much that she decided to buy them all a car! Not one car to share…one car EACH. Katy dropped half a million dollars on five Fisker Karmas, one of the leading electric vehicles that was chosen as Luxury Car of the Year by Top Gear Magazine.


Drake reportedly told Rihanna that if she wants to be with him, she has to sever all ties to Chris Brown. Drake is ready to take their relationship to the next level, but he isn’t willing to take that next step if she’s still texting her ex. Drake and Rihanna have been inseparable these past few weeks as she’s followed him around on tour.

After Lindsay Lohan finished taping her guest stint on “2 Broke Girls,” one gossip website quoted an audience member who said Lindsay was a “trainwreck” and couldn’t remember her lines. But the show’s stars took to Twitter to defend Lindsay. Kat Dennings wrote, “This article is complete bulls***. Lindsay was prepared, sweet to everyone, & professional. Not nice to spread lies.” Her co-star Beth Behr tweeted, “This article isn’t true. I second @OfficialKat. @LindsayLohan was kind to everyone, professional and knew her s***.” What’s up with the 2 Broke Girls’ potty mouths?

During her performance at SXSW, Lady Gaga had a performance artist named Millie Brown vomit paint all over her. A lot of people had a problem with that, including Demi Lovato, who tweeted about it….and then faced the wrath of the Little Monsters. Demi said that Gaga was glamorizing bulimia and that “putting the word ART in it isn’t a free card to do whatever you want without consequences.” However, she wants us all to know that she still remains a little monster herself.


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