Weekend box office news… Johnny Manziel indicted… Coachella’s tributes to Prince… Prince died without any financial advisers.. and Did Rachel Roy out herself as Beyonce’s Becky in “Lemonade”?

“The Jungle Book” was number one again in its second week, taking in another $60.8 million. That puts it really close to breaking the $200 million mark in just two weeks. “The Huntsman: Winter’s War” had a disappointing second place debut with only $20.1 million. Coming in third was “Barbershop: The Next Cut” with $10.9 million.

Even though the formal announcement comes later today, someone in the DA’s office let it leak that a Dallas County grand jury has indicted Johnny Manziel for allegedly attacking his ex-girlfriend back in January. She claims he hit her so hard, he burst her eardrum. She couldn’t hear out of that ear for the longest time. She got a protective order against Johnny that keeps him at least 500 feet away from her for the next two years. And  now, if he ends up convicted, he could face up to a year in county jail.

Coachella’s second weekend featured more surprise performances and tributes to Prince. Usher sang “I Would Die 4 U” and “1999,” which was very cool. But the biggest thing everyone seemed to be talking about was the N.W.A. reunion when Dr. Dre showed up for Ice Cube’s set and had the whole crowd singing “California Love.” Then Kendrick Lamar popped up with Ice Cube and the crowd went nuts.

According to TMZ, Prince died without any financial advisers or civil lawyers, so what happens to his estimated $300 million (and growing) fortune? According to sources, Prince regularly fired money managers when they didn’t give him the answers he wanted to hear. And if Prince died without a will, he has no wife or children so his sister, Tyka Nelson, stands in line to inherit everything. Meantime, Prince’s label, Warner Bros. Music, doesn’t know what to do with all of his unreleased music.

During her “Lemonade”-fest on HBO, Beyonce sang, “He only want me when I’m not there. He better call Becky with the good hair.” Right after that, fashion designer Rachel Roy posted a selfie on Instagram, captioning it, “Good hair don’t care, but we will take good lighting, for selfies, or self truths, always. Live in the light #nodramaqueens.” The Beyhive went off. Remember, it was rumored the reason Solange attacked Jay Z in the elevator was because of Rachel! And according to the lyrics of Beyonce’s songs from “Lemonade,” it sure looks like Jay cheated — with Rachel or SOMEBODY — and that she’s chosen to forgive him. Meantime, after suffering the wrath of Beyonce’s fans, Rachel posted, “I respect love, marriages, families and strength. What shouldn’t be tolerated by anyone, no matter what, is bullying, of any kind.” Then she made her IG private.



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