Did Taylor Swift break up with Calvin Harris?

Weekend box office news… Problems with Daniel Craig from the beginning… Anne Hathaway’s diva behavior… Kanye West on “American Idol”… and Did Taylor Swift break up with Calvin Harris?

“The Martian” was number one at the box office for a second weekend, earning another $37 million. “Hotel Transylvania 2” was second with $20.3 million. But the big disappointment is the new “Pan,” which debuted in third with just $15.5 million.

According to Page Six, Sony executives told Daniel Craig to shut his whiny mouth! Last week, Daniel told a British magazine that he’d rather slash his wrists than do another James Bond movie. Not the best timing, considering “Spectre” is out in just a few weeks. But a source says Daniel was simply cranky the day of that interview. The source said there were problems from the beginning with the script, and then Daniel injured himself on the set and needed knee surgery. And they were still doing re-shoots last month, even though the movie is out in just weeks.

Anne Hathaway says her feelings are hurt by all the “Hathahaters,” but she’s not doing herself any favors if this story turns out to be true. Anne was on the Paramount lot last week shooting a Japanese commercial when she ordered a healthy breakfast — a poached egg, an English muffin and avocado. When her breakfast arrived, the egg was too runny, so Anne sent it back. The chef returned with her newly poached egg, but Anne said the English muffin was now cold because it sat there the whole time, so she sent the muffin back. But then when the newly toasted muffin came back, her poached egg was cold. So it ALL went back, and finally — on the fourth try — the egg, the muffin and the avocado all arrived perfectly poached, toasted and sliced. But by this time, Anne had changed her mind, so she ordered a fried egg, instead.

Kanye West surprised the judges on “American Idol” by showing up to audition. While his wife Kim waited outside with Ryan Seacrest, Kanye sang “Gold Digger” for Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick, Jr. Yes, he got a Golden Ticket to Hollywood.

"Now we all ain't gonna be American Idols" 🏆

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RadarOnline.com is reporting that Taylor Swift broke up with Calvin Harris. The trouble reportedly started when Calvin was photographed leaving a Thai massage parlor on September 12. Taylor saw the pics online — just like we did! — and she jumped to conclusions — just like we did! Reportedly, Calvin has his own masseuse on staff, but he told Taylor his masseuse was sick and he really needed his shoulder worked on. Taylor wasn’t buying it and they kept fighting about it to the point that Taylor broke up with him. A source says Calvin wanted to fly into Nashville to try to work things out, but Taylor’s assistant told him flat-out NO. So he went to Vegas with his buddies instead.


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