Did Taylor Swift Just Take A Shot At Katy Perry?

Victor Ortiz arrested for assault at Kenny Chesney concert… Sherri Shepherd returns to the “The View”… “The Bachelorette” spoiler… Shia LaBeouf fights with girlfriend Mia Goth… and Did Taylor Swift just take a shot at Katy Perry?

Things sometimes get a little crazy at Kenny Chesney concerts. At his concert in Pasadena this past weekend, for instance, former boxer Victor Ortiz was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. His deadly weapon? His foot! Victor got into an argument with some other guy at the concert and it turned physical. Victor allegedly kicked the victim when he was down on the ground, which led to his arrest. He was later released on $30K bond.

Sherri Shepherd is coming back to “The View” next season. After seven seasons on the show, Sherri was fired last August. But a couple months ago, Sherri came back to guest host and things must’ve gone well because now she’s being asked to come back for the show’s 19th season. But this time, Sherri won’t be a regular panelist. She’ll be a “lead contributor” and appear on about 50 episodes.

SPOILER ALERT (even though we talked about it all morning):  Nick Viall is a two-time loser on “The Bachelorette” as we watched Kaitlyn Bristowe stomp on his heart and pick Cro-Magnon man Shawn Booth. But the woman who holds the honor of being the first to break Nick’s heart is former Bachelorette Andi Dorfman. Even though Nick busted her for sleeping with him before she dumped him and picked Josh Murray, Andi tweeted last night, “As much as I don’t care for Nick, I don’t wish a broken heart on anyone.”

Shia LaBeouf was in Germany to visit his girlfriend Mia Goth, who’s filming a horror movie there. The two of them got into a huge fight and Shia got so upset, he asked some locals passing by if they would drive him to the airport. Of course, they whipped out their cellphones and started filming. They captured Shia telling his girlfriend, “I don’t want to touch you. I don’t want to be aggressive. This is the kind of s** that makes a person abusive.” And then on the ride to the airport, Shia admits to his new-found friends that he “would have killed her” if he’d stayed. And then he unsuccessfully tried to FaceTime Megan Fox!

At her concert this past Saturday, Taylor Swift was singing “Bad Blood” when one of her dancers popped up behind her dressed as a shark. Taylor turned around and saw it and burst into giggles. People obviously assume Taylor — or at the very least, her dancer — was taking a jab at Katy Perry, whose Super Bowl performance had the infamous dancing Left Shark. But sources behind the scenes are saying this had nothing to do with Katy. The dancer always dresses as some animal and surprises Taylor. It’s a fun little prank type thing. But seriously? A dancing shark during the song that we all know was written about Katy Perry?


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