Did The Don Cheadles Break Up?

Johnny Depp donates to charity… Kevin Costner’s estranged wife is refusing to move out… Kelis breaks her silence… Olivia Rodrigo announces new single… Did the Don Cheadles break up?

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After losing last year’s defamation trial, Amber Heard has finally forked over the $1M settlement she owes Johnny Depp. Actually, Amber’s insurance company covered the amount as part of her settlement. Johnny announced that he will split the million evenly between 5 charities. The Make-A-Film Foundation grants film wishes to children with serious or life-threatening medical conditions, helping them to create short film legacies by teaming them up with noted actors, directors, and writers. The Painted Turtle, which was founded by Paul Newman, is a camp for kids with serious medical conditions. Johnny is also writing $200K checks to the Red Feather, which provides safer housing for the 1M+ tribal members living on American Indian reservations, and the Tetiaroa Society, which focuses on restoring the ecosystems of island and coastal communities. Both of these charities were founded by Marlon Brando, who was one of Johnny’s mentors. The Amazonia Fund Alliance is also getting a $200K donation. This is a collection of nonprofits that protect, support and preserve Indigenous communities of the Amazon.

Christine Baumgartner is the one who filed for divorce from Kevin Costner, so why is she still in the house? According to the prenup she signed 18 years ago, once she filed for divorce, Christine had 30 days to vacate the home. She filed on May 1, but here we are over six weeks later and Christine hasn’t budged. Kevin says she’s using this as leverage to get more money out of him, but he’s already done more than he had to. According to the prenup, Kevin was obligated to give her $1.2M. But since he’s a nice guy, Kevin threw in extra cash for moving costs and child support, totaling around $1.45M. Now Kevin is asking a court to intervene and kick out his soon-to-be ex-wife.

After spotting him at her London show and noticing that they were staying at the same hotel, tabloids put two and two together and reported that 72-year-old Bill Murray is dating 43-year-old Kelis. A lot of fans have been asking Kelis about it on her social media. At first, she said she wouldn’t bother responding, but she finally caved. In a cryptic response that may or may not be a denial, Kelis said, “Everyone’s dumb and will believe anything but the best part is we are both blessed, rich and happy.”

Tuesday was a busy day for new music announcements! Olivia Rodrigo posted a lovely profile shot with two lavender bandaids criss-crossed on her neck. She captioned it, “my new song vampire is out june 30th! you can presave now. so excited for this ahhhhh!!!!!!!” The official Instagram of the 2009 “Twilight” movie commented, “been waiting for this day!!!!! dreams really do come true.” Also yesterday, Doja Cat announced she’s got new music is coming on Friday. She posted album cover art of an upside down capital “A” written in blood. Doja captioned it, “6.16.23” with a blood drop emoji. And last but not least, Selena Gomez posted a carousel of black-and-white photos from a recording session. She captioned them, “don’t worry guys, it’s coming.Even from Paris.”

The in-fighting has gotten so bad, a lot of their fans are questioning if this will be the end of the Don Cheadles. Or, like One Direction, will they be taking an extended break? Or, as many skeptics are asking, is this merely a publicity stunt? During the Craig’s List Father’s Day segment of Tuesday morning’s edition of the “Kidd Kraddick Morning Show,” Don Cheadles’ lead singer Big Al Mack read an ad about a boat being for sale. Thinking this would be a good opportunity to capitalize on their one and only bit, Don Cheadles’ lead guitarist J-Si began riffing about boat-buying to the tune of “Buy Me a Boat.” Instead, Big Al saw this as J-Si stealing the spotlight, reminding him that there is only one singer in the Don Cheadles and that he should stay in his own lane, otherwise known as, “knowing his place.” Big Al believed this to be the end of it, but J-Si spent hours crafting a comeback song, which he performed the following morning on the Kraddick program. Adding insult to injury, J-Si strummed the same tired “Buy Me a Boat” chords as he sang lyrics that included, “I can sing but Big Al won’t let me” and “I wish I had a band member that wouldn’t hog it/Where both of us could get on a mic and rock it.” Big Al was stung by what he heard, promising a come back of his own. He stopped short of promising a 24-hour turnaround, as he needs to craft the comeback appropriately. When reached for comment, J-Si gave credit for Wednesday’s performance to his 9-year-old daughter, Chloe, who told him, “Papa, you should write Big Al a song.”


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